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SuperRare announces Digital Identity: the third exhibition at Soho Gallery

SuperRare, the NFT marketplace dedicated to Crypto Art, announces its third Digital Identity exhibition at the gallery in Soho, New York. The exhibition will feature 18 leading artists exploring themes of digital and physical identity. 

SuperRare and its third exhibition at the Soho Gallery: Digital Identity

SuperRare, the well-known NFT marketplace dedicated to Crypto Art, announced that from 20 June to 9 July at the Soho Gallery, there will be its third exhibition, called “Digital Identity”. 

“Digital Identity” meets real life in the next #SuperRareGallery exhibition. SuperRare Gallery: June 20 – July 9, 417 W Broadway, NYC.

Make sure to visit during @NFT_NYC June 20-23. Check out previous exhibitions https://hubs.ly/Q018YL0s0“.

Specifically, the exhibition will feature 18 leading artists exploring themes of digital and physical identity through their art and NFTs. 

Digital Identity will debut as a showcase of the platform’s best artists, which will also coincide with the NFT in New York from 20 to 23 June

SuperRare and Digital Identity: the blockchain that protects the identity of artworks 

SuperRare curators An Rong and Mika Bar-On Nesher organized the event. In this regard, An Rong stated:

“The concept of the double, a parallel version of ourselves that exists out in the physical or digital universe, can be both uncanny and liberating.These artworks capture digital identity brought to life on the blockchain. The artists create self-contained metaverses, each possessing a unique set of philosophical and visual languages that continue to challenge how art, artists, and collectors express and define themselves in decentralized spaces and communities”.

Merging technology and physical and digital identity without distinction, the works in SuperRare’s exhibition aim to enhance the use of blockchain as an ownership protection for digital assets, allowing artworks to now also function as protected online identity documents. 

In general, the works included in the exhibition show the Web3 landscapes of avatars and digital alter egos that continue the traditional function of art regarding the concept of self and other. 

The partnership with Async Art

Earlier this month, SuperRare entered into a partnership with Async Art to strengthen Crypto Art by offering integrated products. 

It is a combination of the NFT marketplace discovering quality artwork with one of the most famous art movements built on blockchain.

For the occasion, a collection of Blueprints was released together with Crypto Art pioneer Osinachi. 

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