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Yes, Bored and Hungry restaurant by Bored Apes still accepts crypto

News is currently circulating that the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)-themed restaurant, Bored and Hungry, would no longer accept cryptocurrency payments. Well, it appears that this is fake news.

ApeCoin and Ethereum are still accepted at Bored and Hungry

Last week, the LA Times newspaper had reported that the Long Beach fast food restaurant had stopped accepting ApeCoin and Ethereum as payment methods because of the Bear Phase market.

Yet, what seems actually obvious is that this was fake news. In fact, Andy Nguyen, an entrepreneur who founded Bored and Hungry, explained on Twitter that the restaurant has always continued and will continue to accept the two cryptocurrencies:

And not only that, Andy explained that he also accepted cryptocurrencies at the booth they had during the NFT.NYC conference held a few days ago in New York.

Here’s also a video evidence of crypto payments still active:

Anyway, the fake news regarding Bored and Hungry would stem from the fact that during a visit of the LA Times reporter to the restaurant, crypto payments had been temporarily suspended due to a technical problem. This version of events was confirmed by co-founder Kevin Seo.

Bored Apes and the latest news about the NFT project

Just a couple of days ago the single by rappers Snoop Dogg and Eminem had been released with a tribute to the famous NFT collection. 

Last December, Eminem had spent $425,000 to obtain a Non-Fungible Token from the Bored Apes series, now dubbed the “Eminem Ape.” 

And Snoop Dogg, who already has several Bored Apes, is also reportedly planning to launch his own themed restaurant in Los Angeles, as tweeted by Andy The Nguyen.

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