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Ducklization, the new crypto game mmorpg on Waves network, is ready to start!


Hey ducks! Do you remind Ducklization, the first MMO RPG crypto/defi/play-to-earn game on waves blockchain!

We alredy told you about this project in the previous article, and now is the time to the launch!

The Duck Game Society team in recent months has worked tirelessly for the release of the first version of the game!

The team decided to develop the project in 2 distinct launch phases.

The first phase, which starts on June 30, will see the launch of the game on the testnet network, together with the possibility of spending sheg and the unlocking of vesting for pre-sale investors.

After this first phase, which will last approximately 2 months, the second phase will start, with the actual launch of the game on MainNet

Get ready and get all the info you need to join the game at the official website.

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