, the best crypto game in 2022, the best crypto game in 2022
Gaming, the best crypto game in 2022

By Crypto Advertising - 6 Jul 2022

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Revolutionizing the online gambling market is the goal set by the team at Winner Block, an English company that is betting on transparency, trust and exponential growth in 2022. offers a decentralized platform for online games on the blockchain. In just a few months, what was just a project between long-time friends has become a flourishing young nugget with a bright future.

The integration of its application into the metaverse and playability on all media is the ambition of this young company.

WBlocks and WCards

The principle is simple. Players just need to easily obtain WBlocks in order to play a multitude of games ranging from sweepstakes, wheels of fortune or scratch games.

WinnerBlock notably offers jackpots from three different ranges: Gold, Silver & Bronze. To participate, all you have to do is choose four numbers ranging from 0 to 49 to mint an NFT game card, the WCard.

Each WCard offers a unique and worked design! The numbers chosen when creating the WCard are engraved on it. Collectors will be delighted!

Do you have the correct numbers on your WCard? It’s won!

A WebApp already well advanced and playable!

In order to reassure its holders and show unlimited reliability, Winner Block has set itself the objective of offering its application in just a few months. It’s done!

The webapp beta is available since July 2 for 3 days only. Players can try out the app through the binance testnet network and give their suggestions to the team.

These suggestions will make it possible to offer a reliable and complete application from the end of July when the WBlock is released on PancakeSwap!

A free draw is available every 24 hours for each player to obtain free bonuses and WBlocks!

The company has already announced that it wants to update the application very regularly and offer games that are just as fun as each other!

Presale still available!

The WBlocks presale ends on July 10! The release of the beta of the application has already had its effect and has made it possible to collect more than 1000BNB.

The presale rewards people who have trusted WinnerBlock by offering them WBlocks at the best price. In addition, a WCard Founders Edition is offered to each participant in the presale. This unique ticket will offer exclusive bonuses!

It’s time to buy WBlocks during their presale because one thing is sure : this innovative project will go to the end of its ambitions!

We are waiting for you on! Join also our Telegram channel.

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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