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CrossTower supports NFTs minted on Ripple (XRP)

In today’s news about NFTs and the Metaverse, one cannot miss the new collaboration between CrossTower’s marketplace and Ripple to support Non-Fungible Tokens minted on Ledger XRPL and the arrival of Playboy on The Sandbox to build “MetaMansion”.

CrossTower and collaboration with Ripple to support its NFTs

CrossTower, a trading platform, enters into collaboration with Ripple for its NFT marketplace so as to integrate and support Non-Fungible Tokens minted on XRP Ledger (XRPL). 


“Ripple Effect in full force – we’re partnering with @Ripple to make waves with #NFTs in India & around the world! Visit ???? https://nft.crosstower.com.

The new collaboration will let CrossTower expand into the XRPL-supported NFT market as well, so that the cost and barrier to entry for creators who want to mint their projects on the blockchain will be significantly reduced. 

In this regard, Kapil Rathi, CEO of CrossTower, said:

“We are thrilled to partner with Ripple and build our Web3.0 platform on the XRPL. Ripple’s commitment to building a developer network in India is particularly exciting for CrossTower as we are committed to developing India’s blockchain talent. We look forward to the growth of our global NFT platform”.

Playboy lands on The Sandbox to build “MetaMansion”

The Sandbox’s famous metaverse on blockchain has signed a new collaboration with Playboy to launch a new social game called “Playboy MetaMansion”, involving the NFT Playboy Rabbitars collection.

“Anybunny home? We’re teaming up with none other than…. @playboy! Together, we will be creating a Playboy MetaMansion social game inside #TheSandbox with #NFT collectibles & special experiences for the Rabbitar @PlayboyNFTs community!”

According to reports, the “MetaMansion” experience will feature games, social play, scheduled events, and ongoing releases of digital collectibles that leverage Playboy’s vast library of content, incorporate Playboy’s network of talent and influencers, and bring Playboy’s coveted fashion styles and must-have live experiences into the metaverse.

In this regard, Rachel Webber, Playboy’s Chief Brand & Strategy Officer said: 

“We’re thrilled to work with The Sandbox and its best-in-class design and development team to build a premium, customized Playboy gaming and social experience in the metaverse. We can’t wait to invite our global Playboy fanbase, and in particular our Rabbitar community and The Sandbox LAND owners, into this new immersive world of Playboy”.

NFT market performance in Q2 2022

Recently, the on-chain data analytics firm, Nansen released a report on the performance of the NFT market in Q2 2022, which is the second quarter of the year. 

Basically, despite the strong bear market phase, the best-performing Blue Chip-10 index indicates that investors are returning to investing in the most solid and quality collections

In fact, the Blue Chip-10 index appears to have recorded a positive performance of 17.9% in June alone and that marks a growth of 23.6% over the past year

Two other indexes show that the worst performance was recorded by the Game-50, the index that is part of the NFT area dedicated to gaming. It is reported to have lost 59.6% over the past year, compared, on the other hand, to a 33.1% increase in the Art-20 index, which is part of the “Generative Art” category. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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