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Chainers, the browser-based P2E and NFT game on Solana for creators


Chainers is a browser-based play-to-earn MMO game based on Solana’s blockchain with NFTs and metaverse, through which players will be able to monetize their achievements through multiple sources. 

On Chainers, players can create or buy NFTs, thus gaining immediate access to the game so they can start playing right away. 

It is especially dedicated to creators who can create avatars by customizing everything from clothing to accessories. In the future, it will also be possible to customize games with the help of tools that will be made available on the platform. 

What does the Chainer project consist of

Chainer, as they say on the website:

“is an alien creature that arrived in our galaxy for exploration, creation, and fun”.

It will be based on the so-called Chainverse, and in order to participate in the early stages of the game one will need to own their NFTs, which will enable benefits such as farming.

Those who are part of the whitelist can already mint their Chainers NFTs before it runs out, so much so that some have already started minting them. 

The Chainers NFT collection consists of hundreds of characters with alien traits, belonging to 15 different races and with over 500 traits. These NFTs can be sold in the platform’s in-app marketplace. 

In addition, each holder of Chainers NFTs has voting rights on platform developments within the community, as well as access to the game. He or she will also be able to use various incentives, such as priority access to numerous community events, raffles, draws, giveaways and more:

“Chainers metaverse has exclusive gameplay with crafting, asset customization, and trading, all leading to earning benefits while having fun. The team combined experience from classic GameDev (including AAA games) with high-traffic crypto-related games”.

Chainers NFTs differ from the others because they are a bit more “anarchic”, since the users themselves create them. 

A total of as many as 111,111 “alien” avatars in the form of NFTs are planned, capable of moving within a brand-new metaverse based on Solana‘s blockchain. 

After the initial release of the NFTs, it will be possible to use them on an app that will provide early access to the actual game. 

NFTs powering the metaverse

Chainers NFTs also represent the characters that will be playable within the metaverse

Currently Chainers already has over 100,000 active users, even though phase one of the NFT release is not completed yet. 

The project will also have two native tokens, ChainCoin (CCC), which can be used as the main form of exchange for the metaverse, and Chainers Universe (CHU), which is the governance token.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

In addition, the Chainers NFT project is ready for its first AMA (Ask Me Anything) session

The date and time of the first Q&A session related to the Chainers project will be announced soon. 

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Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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