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Mercedes Benz chooses Polygon for its new platform

Mercedes Benz chooses Polygon to launch a new blockchain-based data sharing platform: Acentrik. 

Mercedes Benz and Polygon launch Acentrik for data sharing on blockchain

Mercedes Benz chooses Polygon as the infrastructure for its new platform, Acentrik

According to reports, Daimler South East Asia, part of the Mercedes Benz Group, this week launched Acentrik: the new Polygon-based platform for sharing data

Essentially, Acentrik was a pilot project started two years ago by Daimler with AI organization Ocean Protocol for decentralized data exchange. Here is how Ocean Protocol described Acentrik by Mercedes Benz:

“Acentrik’s collaboration with Ocean Protocol began in 2020, with a proof of concept exploring decentralized data orchestration for Mercedes-Benz. The pilot project was successful and this led to further collaboration and development of Acentrik Version 1.0”.

Today, that pilot project has become the new platform that uses Polygon (MATIC). Acentrik is not industry-specific. So it could be used for clinical trial data, insurance information, or anything else. And this is where it comes in. 

Mercedes Benz’s Acentrik uses Polygon: here’s how

Acentrik specifically targets business users, including Know Your Business and broad access controls. 

Data is not stored on the blockchain, but an NFT represents each dataset, while a hash of metadata is stored with it. 

Transactions are executed on Polygon’s public blockchain or the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet. 

Users can pay for the data with a stablecoin or another cryptocurrency. The MATIC crypto will be needed to pay Polygon’s fees.

Polygon and the 2022 Disney accelerator program.

Apparently, the Layer-2 solution designed to help scale the Ethereum network and improve its functionality, Polygon (MATIC), has recently had another major involvement from a global brand: Disney.

In fact, Polygon was chosen among the companies in Disney’s 2022 accelerator program that will contribute to its Web3 ecosystem development. 

Disney plans to experiment with new entertainment experiences such as Augmented Reality (AR), NFT, AI, and also Blockchain and Metaverse. 

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