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The 3rd edition of the PBS marks the adoption of blockchain in Europe

On July 8th, the 3rd edition of the Paris Blockchain Summit took place. An edition entirely dedicated to the mainstream adoption of Blockchain to which our participants and visitors have undoubtedly contributed.

An event on a human scale, for a technology with a global impact 

The Paris Blockchain Summit (PBS) brought together hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts and dozens of blockchain technology experts to build the strong relationships needed to move the industry forward.

True to its DNA, PBS offered its participants an elegant setting to make and create real deals, facilitating the connection between project owners, business providers, regulators, investors, influencers and curious people in the industry, with renowned experts representing all aspects of the industry. Far from being a mass event, PBS aims to be a federating event of international dimension with more than twenty nationalities represented.

The industry is becoming more professional every year and is expected to grow by 1000% over the next 4 years, becoming the most important technological revolution since the creation of printing by Gutenberg.

A revolution that beyond changing our daily lives, also disrupts our civilization in its very conception as explained by one of the most visionary speakers that is Dr. Idriss Aberkane.

610 minutes and 50 experts to explore the Blockchain industry at 360

During a whole day, no less than 50 experts spoke about the future of blockchain through keynotes, training workshops and group discussions.

More than 610 minutes to understand with Dr. Idriss Aberkane that no, blockchain is not just the future of finance but much more than that, the future of human civilization: “It’s not just a technology it’s a game changer for the civilization”

Understanding that the Metaverse will profoundly impact the way major brands will evolve in the digitalization of our society (Artem Sinyakin – Oak Invest, Jorge Sebastião – EcoX, Laurent Carrie – L’Oreal, Claude Li – Managing Director Versity), years that will be marked by inflation and against which Bitcoin could be a bulwark (Remy Andre Ozcan, Dr. Idriss Aberkane, Joseph Collement – Bitcoin.com, Yves Choueifaty – Tobam & Pierre Krajewski – Rousseau Institute).

“We live in a period where we printed too much money […] with Bitcoin nobody can control the money supply” 

highlighted Dr. Idriss Aberkane.

One of the main challenges of blockchain is also to reinstate trust thanks to innovative solutions like Veritise. Warmly welcomed by the audience, Ana Carolina Merighe, CTO, was able to brilliantly transport the audience to discover the solution to effectively fight against counterfeiting. The guests at the PBS closing party were able to use it to check the authenticity of their ticket.

Beyond this fight against counterfeiting, the solution also allows you to easily transfer the ownership of an asset you own. 

An important point which, beyond raising many issues on the future of Blockchain protocols concerning confidentiality and security (Christophe André Ozcan – Tozex, David Schmitz – Polkadot , Vijay Krishnan – Consensys) shows a need for regulation.

A need for regulation affecting financing platforms like Tozex, payment solutions like Utrust, liquidity providing solutions like Hummingbot or crypto exchange platforms like Bybit

This need is further exacerbated by social applications such as Enzym, where user data is placed at the heart of the process.

Nevertheless, how can we envisage a serene future within an industry whose regulation of crypto-currencies with the MICA regulation is becoming so restrictive? 

Will MICA end the future of crypto in Europe or make it sustainable?

At a time when new asset classes such as NFTs are emerging with the ambition to revolutionize industries such as music (Frédéric Cardot – Fisy Consulting, Kevin Premiciero – Pianity, Jonathan Belolo – Stage 11, Emily Gonneau – Nüagency) or when decentralized finance is becoming more democratic (Adam Green Greenberg – Nova Finance), it is normal to ask whether new regulations can coexist with innovation.

An important question to which Eva Kaili, Vice President of the European Parliament, Rémy André Ozcan president of the FFPB, John Ho of the Standard Chartered bank, Joana Neto of the European Banking Authority and Dimitrios Psarakis responsible for strategic and financial affairs of the European Union have brought elements of response:

“Future of Blockchain industry will be more professionalized with MICA”

PBS, more than learning and understanding: practicing

Beyond the numerous conferences, the PBS was the occasion to participate in workshops between two beers offered by Selfbar and Enzym.

Workshops on NFT security given by Vijay Krishna, the technical director of Consensys New-York, as well as on the basics of technical analysis with the experienced Karen Peloille, Ichimoku expert recognized worldwide for her expertise in this field.

With its passionate participants, its experts at the forefront of innovation and its regulators able to exchange with the participants and the industries regarding their needs, the PBS has, we hope, contributed to this mass adoption which more than ever appears to be obvious. 

To find all the interventions of our speakers, it is here.