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NFT PRO and INVNT.ATOM collaborate on Lamborghini’s new NFT project

Following its debut in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in early February 2022, Lamborghini is making its own way with a special space-related initiative.

Lamborghini’s new NFT project

New NFTs from Lamborghini to collect over eight months

Through a collaboration with NFT PRO and INVNT.ATOM, Lamborghini will take its supercars to places in space that travelers can visit and discover, collecting new NFTs every month for eight months until March 2023.

“Since 1963, the year of its foundation, Automobili Lamborghini has always led from the front, demonstrating this with its super sports cars that continue to be the protagonists in dreams of children and adults all over the world. Entering the virtual world of modern collecting with NFTs is the natural translation and evolution of that dream. NFTs are the new, unconventional and exclusive proposition, paving the way for a new form of expression for the younger generations”,

commented Christian Mastro, Marketing Director of Lamborghini.

The new collection consists of 4 NFTs released every month, available for a limited time of 24 hours. The last of the 4 NFTs will be available in a special edition and only 63 units will be released. To create even more excitement among collectors, those who have purchased all the monthly NFTs, i.e. the 4 regular NFTs or the 3 regular NFTs plus the limited edition, will receive an additional special NFT.

Lamborghini initiatives

Lamborghini does not want to limit itself to selling NFTs, but wants to offer some exclusive experiences for its collectors. Indeed, during the course of the campaign, some surprises will be announced. 

Among these surprises is a digital artwork of Lamborghini Style Center produced for “The Epic Road Trip” campaign for all those who will purchase two complete monthly collections. For those who complete the first four months, there will be a chance to participate in a special tour of the Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters.

INVNT.ATOM collaborates with the NFT collection

INVNT.ATOM, the global digital innovation division of INVNT Group, led the creative, strategic, design, content and marketing communications for this collaborative launch with Lamborghini.

“Our previous collaboration with Lamborghini – auctioning off a 1:1 NFT attached to the last physical Aventador Coupé super sportscar – was a testament to how impactful storytelling at the digital frontier cultivates community and consumer engagement. We’re honored to grow our relationship with Lamborghini and to be partnering with NFT PRO to celebrate innovation and Lamborghini’s 1963 heritage”,

said Scott Cullather, president and CEO of INVNT Group.