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Analysts are saying RBIS Coin will rally 4,800%!


In a bear market, some crypto enthusiasts choose to hold established coins like Bitcoin, banking on it always bouncing back stronger, while some choose stablecoins as a low-volatility alternative. Then of course there are those who prefer to simply cut their losses, moving to more traditional assets, while others look to buy undervalued coins that they believe will see major gains over time. 

One altcoin in particular is expected to soar to new heights over the coming months, whichever direction the market is moving. RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project, is an EU authorized wallet and financial services hub that was first listed on exchanges in January. According to analysts, it is projected to rise to 48 times its current price by the end of December and then almost double again by the end of Q1 2023. 

A number of interesting factors are contributing to the projected success of the token, so let’s drill down and examine ArbiSmart (RBIS) in more detail. 

Bear-Proof utilities

One major reason for the anticipated growth of the RBIS token is the fact that it offers bear-resilient services that generate consistent profits in an upturn or a downturn. 

For example, ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage service generates steady passive profits of up to 45% a year from price inefficiencies. These are windows in which a coin is temporarily available across a number of exchanges at different prices at the same time. ArbiSmart exploits these inefficiencies with an automated system connected to nearly 40 exchanges that identifies price differences and then buys the coin at the lowest available price, before instantly selling it wherever the price is highest for the best possible profit. 

Earn from passive profits

Price inefficiencies can have all kinds of causes, such as differences in liquidity or trading volume between bigger and smaller exchanges. Since they occur just as frequently in a bull or bear market this investment strategy offers a great hedge against falling prices. 

In addition, last month, ArbiSmart introduced its new interest-generating wallet. This is another secure revenue opportunity that is perfect for a bear market, as wallet holders will continue to earn the same interest rate even in a crypto crash. Moreover, just for safely storing their capital with an ArbiSmart wallet, users can make unheard of rates, reaching as high as 147% a year!

The wallet supports over 20 different FIAT and digital currencies and users can choose to keep their funds available for withdrawal, or place the funds in a savings balance to earn interest. There are short-term one or three-month plans and long-term two, three or five-year plans, with higher interest the later the plan expires. The way you receive your daily interest is also customizable. It can be sent to an available balance and be accessible at any time, or it can be added to the capital in the locked balance for a higher rate.

Growing token use

Through the addition of the wallet to the ArbiSmart ecosystem, demand for the native token is climbing, as purchasing RBIS is heavily incentivized. 

The higher your account level, the better the interest rate you receive on all supported currencies, and your account level is based on how much RBIS you own. Also, if you choose to keep your savings balance in RBIS then you will receive three times higher profits than if your balance is in any other currency. Don’t want to convert your capital into RBIS? How about just the interest? Balances in EUR, ETH, BTC, USD or any other supported crypto or FIAT money can earn better rates when the interest is received in RBIS.

ArbiSmart savings balance

As the new wallet takes off and grows its user base, more RBIS will be locked in savings plans, meaning the circulating supply will shrink. So, as demand rises and the (already limited) available supply drops, the RBIS price will go up. 

A full schedule

Demand for the RBIS token is also expected to rise even higher in the latter half of Q3 and in Q4 as a result of the major developments that are in the pipeline for the coming weeks and months. 

The new wallet is now being immediately followed up with a mobile version that will allow users to exchange, buy, sell and store crypto as well as deposit and withdraw funds. This quarter ArbiSmart will also be introducing a collection of exclusive digital artworks, in addition to an NFT marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens. Later in 2022, ArbiSmart is introducing a decentralized yield farming program that will reward liquidity providers for staking capital with up to 190,000% APY, plus 0.3% of the fees on every trade. Close on the heels of these developments will be the release of a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a play-to-earn gaming metaverse.

Up to 190,000% APY

With the expansion of the ArbiSmart hub, the RBIS price is likely to substantially increase, since each of the utilities being launched will require use of RBIS. Also, use of more than one utility at once will be rewarded financially. The whole ecosystem is interlinked, so if you purchase a non-fungible token in the NFT market, it can be used as an in-game item in the metaverse, where users will be buying, developing and selling virtual real-estate for real-world profits.

All these various factors are contributing to the increasing revenue potential of the token. RBIS is gaining traction at a rapid pace, as crypto holders look for a bear-resilient home for their assets in a falling market, as the new wallet gains momentum and as a string of new RBIS utilities is being introduced. To get a slice of the pie, before the price shoots sky-high, buy RBIS now!

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