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Most in-demand NFT jobs for 2022

NFTs are not new, but the attention from the public around this niche literally boomed during the last bull run. As many Crypto companies are entering the NFTs market, NFTs jobs are popping up more and more often among job offers in Web3.

At Crypto Jobs List, the largest online crypto jobs market, we analyzed data from more than 2,000 crypto companies to understand the hiring trends in the NFTs industry for 2022 and ultimately help professionals identify trending roles within this market niche.

The most requested jobs by NFT companies

Surprisingly, the figure of the business developer is in first place

The first piece of information from the data analysis which surely deserves attention is that the top two most in-demand job roles in NFTs are not a developer position, contrary to what one might intuitively think. The number one most in-demand job role in NFTs is, in fact, the Business Developer (17% of all job offers in NFTs), followed by the Marketing Manager (13%). The third most researched professional is finally a developer profile, the Full Stack Software Engineer, which represents the 10% of all job offers in NFTs.

Overall, job roles in NFTs are equally distributed between business/marketing roles (45%) and development/product roles (45%). Legal/compliance jobs represent a marginal portion of all job offers in this industry (10%).

While there is no guarantee that these distributions will remain unchanged, at this time business development professionals, marketing managers and full stack developers know their profile can be attractive to companies in the NFT space. But if they come from Web2 and want to find a Web3 job, they must be ready to demonstrate to be knowledgeable about the latter.

The most required skill for full stack developers in NFTs is developing using React,js (a popular frontend development  library), followed by TypeScript. As for business roles, it’s usually required a good non-technical knowledge of NFTs, which can be demonstrated for example through an “on-chain resume” (your crypto wallet on-chain activity associated with minting and trading NFTs).

We expect these Q3 2022 hiring trends to remain pretty much unchanged at least until the end of Q4. We plan to run more analysis in mid Q4 to check for variations and eventually update the community about new upcoming trends.

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