Earn when you refer with Zompot, and more updates from Bitcoin, and Tron ecosystems
Earn when you refer with Zompot, and more updates from Bitcoin, and Tron ecosystems

Earn when you refer with Zompot, and more updates from Bitcoin, and Tron ecosystems

By Crypto Advertising - 18 Aug 2022

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It is common knowledge that cryptocurrencies are volatile and can be volatile but they can also prove to be rewarding assets in the long run if you select good tokens for your portfolio. To become a successful crypto investor, you require persistence and patience. This article brings to you three crypto tokens, Zompot (ZPOT), Bitcoin (BTC), and Tron (TRX), that can be a good choice for your portfolio. All three tokens have great utilities and could potentially provide huge returns in the future. The cryptocurrency market provides access to many tokens but you should carry out careful research before investing. Zompot with its progressive features has the potential to positively influence the lives of its investors. Bitcoin and Tron also have great utilities and are a nice choice for both beginners as well as veteran crypto investors.

Zompot is the best choice to tackle inflation

Zompot is a metaverse supported project based on the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure. It provides a sound strategy and planning to help its users to overcome the issues in the blockchain network.

The Zompot Token (ZPOT) is the native token of the platform and is used to overcome the instabilities in the crypto market. The token offers security, privacy, improved finality, and transparency for all transactions on the platform.

Users can mint NFTs and trade them within the metaverse empire inside the platform. It brings about a stable pricing strategy to fight inflation and other issues in the market. The ZPOT Token can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection using their phone or computer. It offers transactional freedom to the users.

There is a 2 month vesting period for the ZPOT. The presale of the token will allow users to purchase the token at very attractive prices. A total of 35% of the total token supply will be sold to the general public.

Many bonus options are also being offered during the presale period. If Ethereum (ETH) is used as a payment currency for purchasing ZPOT Tokens, then a bonus of 10% will be credited into the user’s wallet as a reward. Similarly, if BNB Coin is used to pay during the purchase, then a bonus of 14% will be provided. There is also a referral bonus available to users. If a user refers to a friend who then spends a minimum of $50, then both parties will receive $25 each as a reward.

Retailers in Gibraltar accept Bitcoin

Many major retailers in Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, are accepting payments through Bitcoin (BTC). These retail chains include Costa Coffee, Hotel Chocolat, Card Factory, and The Gibraltar Bakery. Customers of these retail stores can use Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and The Bolt Card to pay for the goods purchased. Bolt Card is a physical card that can help users send BTC payments funded from any currency in a contactless, lightning-fast manner. It can also be used as a gift card to give BTC to friends. Users of Bitcoin can “tap and pay” with Bitcoin Lightning using The Bolt Card. The Bolt Card is powered by NFC and the Bitcoin Lightning Network and was launched about 8 weeks ago. Ben Collins, Business Development Manager at CoinCorner thinks that ever since the launch of Bolt Card, there has been an increase in the number of businesses accepting BTC. It offers quick, easy, convenient, familiar, and low-cost payments.

Tron Announces Grants To Community Ambassadors, Developers, and Influencers

Tron aims to decentralize the cryptocurrency world through its protocol, nodes, assets, and dApps by establishing a community-governed Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. To support the expansion of the ecosystem, Tron has launched Grant Programs for its community ambassadors, developers, and influencers. The Community Ambassador Grant Program aims to cultivate a healthy relationship through opening a new link between the DAO and established ambassadors within the community. A quarterly grant allocation of $30,000 is set aside for the program. The criteria required for the grant include an established community on a popular social network site like Twitter or telegram, sustained history of continuous engagement with the TRON community, a robust understanding of the ecosystem, and offering genuine support for the ecosystem and its objectives. The Developer Grant Program includes a quarterly grant allocation of $90,000 and creates spaces to nurture, engage, and empower new leaders to promote the growth of the ecosystem.

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