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Meta expands Horizon Worlds metaverse to Spain and France

Meta has expanded the Horizon Worlds metaverse to Spain and France. Now citizens of these European countries aged 18 and older can also experience the world with Virtual Reality (VR).

Meta expands its Horizon Worlds metaverse to Spain and France

CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the new expansion of the Horizon Worlds metaverse for citizens aged 18 and older in Spain and France through a post on Facebook’s social network.

According to reports, Horizon Worlds will also welcome new users aged 18 and older from Spain and France this week, implementing new steps in its expansion plan in Europe planned for this year.

And indeed, while in 2020 the app was available by invitation only, in December 2021 it opened its services to the public for the US and Canadian markets, and in this 2022 expansion saw the UK, Ireland and Iceland. 

Now, therefore, Spanish and French people will also be able to take advantage of this service using one of the VR headsets sold by the company.

Meta and the evolution of features in its Horizon Worlds metaverse

Listed in the announcement were a number of features that Horizon Worlds offers in its metaverse. 

From action-packed games to quiet places ideal for meditation, or even a comedy club in which to get on stage and try out dad jokes in front of an audience, a bowling alley in which to have fun with friends, or a place to meet different people and lifestyles.

The latest gimmick was to make Horizon Home’s immersive VR experiences more social. Launched in June 2022, this feature is intended to allow users wearing the Meta Quest headset to share their immersive experiences with friends and family as well

On Meta Quest, therefore, it is possible to hang out with others, watch movies together, and launch multiplayer games from Meta Horizon Home. 

The monetization of digital objects

Another feature Meta tested in April was the monetization of digital objects by its creators through Horizon Worlds. 

This involves the actual sale of these created objects, which would make it possible in the future for creators to earn a living through such activity

The test took place in the US and Canada and initially involved only a few creators who began selling virtual objects and effects within their worlds. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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