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Crypto Bali Week

Every year in Southeast Asia important kermesses for the crypto world are celebrated.

This is the case again this year, in spite of the events that have shaken balances and markets of crypto assets.

Crypto Bali Week: the crypto event at the end of August

At the turn of the summer, there are events such as the Crypto Expo, which took place in June in Singapore, Coinfest Asia in Bali, Indonesia, Asia Crypto Week – Token2049, which will also take place in Singapore next September, and so on.

Among these, one event that looks very interesting and exciting is Crypto Week Bali [ https://cryptoweekbali.com ], from August 19 to 29 (here is the program: https://cryptoweekbali.com/schedule/ ) which is part of Coinfest Asia and which has a peculiarity: the deus ex machina is an Italian, well known in the crypto environment.

This is Bruno Calabretta (https://www.linkedin.com/in/bruno-calabretta ), consultant and digital coach, founder of Aurora Consulting, a consulting and training company in the crypto field, which sees promising scenarios for the world and the crypto economy in the Asian continent.

With him many other leading figures of the crypto community, upon an open call of Melissa Kurtcan, co-created the Crypto Week Bali 2022. Melissa Kurtcan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissa-kurtcan-81b20115a) is the co-founder of S21, LOV and founder of Eurydice UK, Pollination Network, — has been organising seminars as part of S21 community which is the largest expat crypto & blockchain community in Bali with founders, developers, C-levels, and investors alongside traders.

In Bali, a community of blockchain enthusiasts has been active with many other components, and actors of S21 in the first place, all expats who come from the most disparate areas of the planet.

“Crypto Bali Week 2022 is the result of the collective commitment of this community. There is a great effort behind and a good number of hidden contributors in this six weeks preparation behind this initiative that sees among the actors names of entrepreneurs, creatives and builders such as Sicillia Cirrus, Cosmin Lungu, Antria Pansy, Emilio Canessa, JP Eaglin, Matthew Cook, Melissa Om, Kresna Sucandra and others such as Felita Setiawan, the director of Indonesia Crypto Network, the parent company of Coinfest Asia and Coinvestasi and her team as the organizers of Coinfest Asia.

“This year we celebrate the second anniversary of the community with the partnership and patronage of S21 x Coinfest Asia. The idea was to organize the first crypto week in Bali to try to achieve a fusion of the local community with the international one and expand the equal give and take culture S21 initiated. ”

Calabretta and Kurtcan declare.

We will host 10 days of long events, two international conferences, keynotes, masterminds, and a series of events and workshops related to NFTs and gaming. All without missing meetups, pool parties, live music with NFT minting attached, and much more”.

Indeed, one only has to take a look at the program to realize that it is exceptionally full and intense.

The Cryptonomist will be at the event as a media partner and with one of its speakers, Luciano Quarta, a lawyer and author of The Cryptolawyer column, with a speech in the “Mastermind” panel on 27 August on the topics of Compliance/Regulation/Laws.

Asia is as controversial as it is interesting theater for what concerns the development of technologies, markets and services in the crypto world. And, despite severely restrictive regulatory and legislative developments in some crucial countries, such as China, India and Indonesia, there are remarkably crypto-friendly jurisdictions. These undoubtedly include the United Arab Emirates and, in Southeast Asia, Singapore and Japan.

The 2022 focus is geared predominantly toward NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse and Web3. The Cryptonomist, therefore, cannot fail to be there to observe developments in the scene.

We asked Calabretta and Kurtcan why they specifically chose Bali to launch the first edition of this event.

“We have collectively experienced and seen Bali grow as a crypto hub with the emergence of many interesting projects coming out of this beautiful community. The decision to celebrate this aggregation with an event was a natural consequence, just like the spontaneous influx of voluntary contributions that made it possible in concrete terms”.

In conclusion, the strategic location of the event ends up adding to the magic of an enchanting location like Bali, with the addition of an Italian flair.

How could anyone not want to be there?