Bitcoin, how long will it take for the next Bullrun?
Bitcoin, how long will it take for the next Bullrun?

Bitcoin, how long will it take for the next Bullrun?

By Kemal Gökdogan - 30 Aug 2022

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The crypto-winter seems to be coming to an end and everyone is wondering when Bitcoin will start climbing the charts again. According to some very soon, according to others not before 2024. But is it really possible to predict Bitcoin’s next Bullrun?

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency is halfway to reaching the next halving, which is that process that occurs every four years and results in a decrease in its inflation rate. This alone has been enough for investors around the world to come up with theories and technical analysis that would substantiate an imminent Bullrun by BTC. In any case, we encourage you to keep an eye on the Binance BTC live chart so that you can follow market fluctuations in real-time.

According to some scholars and enthusiasts, on the other hand, the early 2021 Bullrun would never have ended, but would only have encountered a pause while waiting for a propitious moment to restart. There are so many discordant opinions crowding the news related to the cryptocurrency world that it is difficult to make accurate predictions, but according to the opinion of authoritative sources with some experience in the field, it seems plausible to us that Bitcoin’s next “all-time high” could happen later than we think. 

Bitcoin Bullrun? Not before 2024

According to Mark Yusko, director of the financial firm Morgan Creek, a new Bullrun of Bitcoin will occur in 2025, the year after the next halving date. 

The assertion finds its rationale in the fact that following each Bitcoin halving, from 2012 to the present, there is cyclically a year of great growth in the asset’s value followed by two more years of quiescence and bear market. 

In 2020 the last halving occurred, and in 2021 Bitcoin actually increased in value from around €7,000 to around €50,000, an impressive performance that investors will surely remember with a smile. At the moment, then, we would be experiencing the height of a bear market that would be destined to end only in two years. That’s if we believe in the cyclicality of BTC.

Bitcoin’s next bullrun will not happen before 2024, corresponding to the next halving

New Bullrun in May 2024

According to another fringe of financial analysts spreading the news on mainstream social media, however, a new Bullrun should occur as early as 2024, corresponding to Bitcoin’s next halving. With the drastic reduction of circulating coins, in fact, a large increase in demand should be triggered, which would immediately lead the cryptocurrency to new bullish trends. 

According to this hypothesis, therefore, it would not be necessary to wait until the end of 2024 but would suffice to be patient until May. Again, the prediction would seem to be quite reasonable and, on the one hand, we hope it will come true so that we can enjoy a spring of pleasant green candles.

How to prepare for the coming halving?

The question arises: if we are in a bear market season and until 2024 our Bitcoins will remain firm at current levels, what is worth doing? Many will agree that the winning strategy might be to gradually accumulate a good amount of tokens so that, when halving, they can multiply in value

For that matter, we cannot say for sure that we will have that much time before the next Bullrun. Bitcoin, on other occasions as well, has proven its ability to be unpredictable and betray the most reliable predictions ever made. If you own Bitcoin our suggestion, and this is not financial advice, is certainly not to sell at this time, since such a choice could seriously burn you in the coming months.  

Kemal Gökdogan

Writer and web designer

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