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T-Mobile and SpaceX join forces

Mike Sievert, founder of T-Mobile, and Elon Musk are collaborating in Boca Chica on a global mobile satellite service without network coverage, but via Starlink.

T-Mobile and SpaceX’s new collaboration on a super project

This week in Boca Chica, Texas, the world’s richest man, founder of Tesla, and SpaceX with dreams of putting humans on Mars is working hand in hand with the founder of T-Mobile, the country’s leading German phone company.

The collaboration between the two is aimed at creating a global network system capable of giving an excellent connection signal across the globe, even in the most inaccessible areas or those not served at all by the current system of fixed antennas. 

Histrionic Elon Musk’s Starlink will enable the Teutonic telephone company to send the technology needed to realize the project into orbit. Combining the know-how of both companies will result in a connected world regardless of social class or where one lives. 

In fact, T-Mobile and Starlink because of the problem of crowding the band of space within which the satellites can operate and the problem of the dominant position acquired by the two business entities, have made many enemies including the Chinese government fearing interference from the U.S. government and also because Beijing also has a similar project. 

SpaceX has launched more than 2,700 Starlink satellites to support the project, overpopulating low earth orbit, but because of the noble end to which the company tends as well as has made enemies, many are the lobbies and supporters of the project around the world. 

Sievert explained how T-Mobile will integrate the mid-band PCS spectrum with the launched Starlink satellites. 

While there was no mention of service pricing, the revolution is huge and will even allow next-generation cell phones to operate below the water level.

SpaceX and T-Mobile together to connect the entire globe

Elon Musk’s comments

Musk, from the stage in Boca Chica Beach alongside Sievert, said:

“This won’t have the kind of bandwidth that a Starlink terminal will have, but this will allow text messaging, it will enable pictures, and if there aren’t too many people in the cellular area, you can even potentially have a little bit of video. We’re not going to read anymore about these tragedies that have happened where people are lost and if they could have just called for help that would have been fine.”

CNBC Pro reported that Morgan Stanley analysts this week wrote that, limited to the phone sector, the company to focus on is definitely T-Mobile as the first choice believing that the company will continue to grow by eroding market share from competitors

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