Janice McAfee does not believe rumors of her husband’s fake death
Janice McAfee does not believe rumors of her husband’s fake death
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Janice McAfee does not believe rumors of her husband’s fake death

By Stefania Stimolo - 2 Sep 2022

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Janice McAfee says she does not believe rumors that her tech entrepreneur husband, John McAfee, is still alive and faked his death

Janice McAfee believes John did not fake his death

On Rice TVx’s YouTube channel, Janice McAfee, the widow of renowned tech entrepreneur and cryptocurrency influencer, John McAfee, appeared and says she does not believe her husband faked his death

“Tune in to my recent interview with @RiceTVx talking about the new Netflix doc and the status of John’s remains.”

Basically, the widow went online to comment and explain her side of the story after the Netflix documentary “Running with the Devil,” which features a segment in which Samantha Herrera, John McAfee’s ex-girlfriend, claims that McAfee called her from a hideout in Texas, which Janice McAfee says appears to be false.

In this regard, here is how Janice commented on the documentary:

“Based on the information that I have and [that] I have received regarding his death, I don’t believe that he is [alive]. “I don’t want to destroy anyone’s hope of thinking that John may or may not be alive if that helps you sleep better at night or just to have that hope, that’s fine.”

Janice McAfee and John’s death

It was June 23, 2021, when the news broke that John McAfee had committed suicide in Barcelona prison at the age of 75. 

Eight months after his arrest for alleged tax evasion, he had been given the okay for his extradition to the United States by the Spanish court that day. 

Even then, John McAfee’s wife did not believe in her husband’s suicide and had said that in his life, John was used to destroying everything and starting over. 

But six months after his death, the investigation into the cryptocurrency influencer’s death was proceeding at a very slow pace, with no truth about it having emerged. 

To date, what has been pending is an independent autopsy to ascertain the cause of death, which appears not to have happened yet, while, as Janice says, the fact that her husband is dead is, unfortunately, a certainty

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