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NFTs: 56 Italian and international artists on display in Times Squares

From 5 to 11 September 2022, on the occasion of the international exhibition The Armory Show, an exhibition entitled “NFT, Contemporary and Digital Art,” organized by the Italian company Art Innovation Gallery, will open in Times Square, New York City’s most famous square.

“NFT, Contemporary and Digital Art” has decided to feature on the maxi billboards in Times Square, the works of as many as 56 digital artists, including pioneers of crypto art, such as XCopy, Vexx, Trevor Jones, Aeforia, Billelis, Osf, Grant Riven Yun, Jack Kaido, Jivinci, Henrik Uldalen, Kaiwan Shaban, Nate Hill, Tim Maxwell and Six N. Five.

Aeforia – Art Innovation Gallery

Italian NFTs also on display

Several Italian artists, such as Bruno Cerasi, Andrea Crespi, Simon Dee and the Hivearium project, are also among the artists on display.

The billboard spaces, more than 20 meters high and 30 meters wide, will light up showcasing the NFT crypto art works for the entire week.

NFTs in Times Square in NYC

In reality, this is not the first Non-Fungible Token exhibition in New York City’s famous square. 

For example, during the NFT.NYC conference, the square’s billboards were already colored with crypto art. Moreover, a few months ago Times Square entered The Sandbox, which decided with Time magazine to bring it back into its metaverse.

Obviously, one of the reasons why this iconic square is chosen is because it is said to be the most touristy in the world: in fact, Times Square has the presence of about 1,500 businesses and an average of 180,000 employees passing through its streets every day.

Considered one of New York’s most visited tourist attractions, Times Square sees an average of 174 million people pass through each year. 

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