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5 Best crypto in presale to invest in before the Merge of ETH in 2022

Investing in presales of crypto projects is an excellent strategy to be among the first movers in the next big cryptocurrency.  

With this guide, we analyze 5 of the best crypto presales and explain how to buy our number one choice. Let’s get started.  

Best crypto presales: our selection 

We tried to include crypto presales that can meet a wide variety of needs. An overview of the features of each can be found below.  

Tamadoge – By far the best crypto presale

Battle Infinity – Promising P2E and DeFi ecosystem

Lucky Block – a well-known NFT lottery platform

Centurion Invest Token – Decentralized investment and wealth management 

MapMetrics – Earn crypto while you drive

Best crypto presales: reviews

We analyzed five of the best crypto projects currently on presale. Each shows ample room for growth when fully released. 

Tamadoge – By far the best crypto in presale

Tamadoge (TAMA) aims to deliver to investors a project with intrinsic value: it is a play-to-earn game designed to appeal to the tastes of a wide range of players. It was successful among investors and managed to raise more than $11 million a few weeks after the launch of the presale. Since it is a token based on the ERC standard, it could be positively affected by the Ethereum Merge and see an increase in demand.  

lucky block

Tamadoge is based on a metaverse called Tamaverse in which players can communicate with each other and interact with their characters, 3D animated pets. Each pet as an NFT (minting will begin by the end of 2022) can be upgraded using items that can be purchased on the Tamadoge store. 

When players succeed in leveling up their game character, they earn Dogepoints, so they can climb the Tamadoge game leaderboard. When players succeeds in getting to the top of the leaderboard, they are entitled to the largest share of rewards offered in the pool.

New features for Tamadoge are expected to be released later. Among the most interesting is the ability to bring pets into the real world through an augmented reality app on mobile in addition to the launch of a series of P2E arcade-style games

Among the reasons why Tamadoge is the best presale crypto is its tokenomics. The project involves the release of a limited number of tokens, set at 2 billion TAMA, which will later decrease because 5% of the profits generated in Tamadoge’s store will be destroyed with burning. This is an attempt to keep the value of TAMA high in the long term.  

Tamadoge is perhaps the best crypto in presale on the market right now. It has already been confirmed that after the presale the tokens will be listed on the LBank centralized exchange. Already during the pre-sale the price of TAMA increases gradually, so there is no time to waste and it is worth taking advantage now to find out about the project. Join the Tamadoge group on Telegram to learn more (admins will never contact you first).

Visit the Tamadoge presale now

Battle Infinity – Promising P2E and DeFi ecosystem

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a project that mixes DeFi and P2E gaming to create an all-in-one platform that investors are highly appreciating.   

lucky block

Within the IBAT ecosystem are six specific functions. A sports fantasy football, an NFT marketplace, a stadium in the metaverse, a collection of P2E-type games of the player-versus-player genre, a decentralized exchange, and a staking platform.  

Through these various functions, Battle Infinity generates interest for DeFi fans and crypto game fans alike. This choice opens the door to a broad base of users potentially interested in the project, plus it helps LBLOCK become one of the best long-term cryptocurrency investments. When one considers that IBAT saw a 600% increase when all of its features had not yet been launched, it is clear that the token will be able to increase in value as all of its features are developed.  

The IBAT token is used in any sphere of action in the Battle Infinity ecosystem. It can be staked, used in the NFT marketplace, and can be freely traded between users. IBAT employs the BEP-20 standard to facilitate fast and low-cost transactions.  

IBAT’s presale sold out several weeks in advance and raised 16,500 BNB, which highlights how many investors are interested in the project. In addition, the IBAT token was recently listed on the PancakeSwap exchange causing its value to increase by 600% over the pre-sale price.  

Given the number of functions guaranteed by Battle Infinity, it could be considered the best pre-sale crypto token in 2022. To stay up-to-date on new features and find out more about the upcoming listing on a large exchange, join the Battle Infinity group on Telegram.

Visit Battle Infinity today

Lucky Block – a well-known NFT contest platform

The Lucky Block (LBLOCK) team has used blockchain technology to create the world’s first NFT contest platform.  

lucky block

The Lucky Block platform hosts regular prize draws in which people can participate by purchasing an NFT for sale on the NFT Launchpad. Since each of these NFTs acts as a ticket to enter the raffle, the price can vary depending on the value of the jackpot. In this way, Lucky Block can offer both big prizes and draws at the most affordable price.  

After the drawing is completed on Lucky Block, the NFT continues to have value. Those who own one continue to receive daily rewards from the pool. That is, each NFT is able to offer value in the long run and in the short run.  

In late July, Lucky Block was upgraded from being a token issued under the BEP standard to the ERC standard. This allowed LBLOCK to appear on centralized exchange listings, increasing demand significantly. In addition, the decision to switch to the ERC standard is an advantage because it will be able to reflexively gain hype related to the approaching Ethereum Merge

The recent listing on the CEX, centralized exchange, MEXC caused LBLOCK’s price to rise 400% in the days leading up to it. The very recent listing on Gate.io (sixth largest exchange by volume while MEXC stands only 14th) could result in LBLOCK’s parabolic growth. 

Now that Lucky Block has seen an increase in its demand due to the listing on DEX Uniswap, the project certainly deserves a thorough analysis before prices continue to rise in response to the listing on Gate.io. Join Lucky Block’s group on Discord so you can be the first to know more about new listings and updates.  

Visit Lucky Block

Centurion Invest Token – Decentralized investments and asset management 

Centurion Invest Token (CIX) is the native token of the Centurion Invest platform. It employs the ERC standard and was made to power the platform.  

lucky block

Centurion Invest offers its users a wide range of functions, and the CIX token has a large number of use cases. The token can be used in conjunction with CentiPay to send or receive funds instantly. It can also be used to lower fees on various investment services offered by the platform.  

Now that Centurion Invest is counting on a stable user base, it seems that the token may be heading for an increase in demand. This is all topped off by the fact that the ERC standard was used to issue the token, which is why CIX could do well once all of its features are released.  

MapMetrics: earn crypto while you drive

MapMetrics (MMAPS) is a crypto presale of a project that aims to reshape the world of navigators on mobile devices.  

lucky block

The goal is to create a platform of community-created navigators, so MapMetrics aims to provide users with constant updates and consistently accurate maps. The project plans to reward people who use the service and share data related to their location with the MMAPS token. 

Navigation apps and platforms are extremely important today. Therefore, a platform that can give users a way to be rewarded while using these services could lead to increased demand.  

How to buy the best token in presale 

Buying the best presale crypto does not have to be difficult. Here we explain how to perform the entire process.   

Step 1: Register on an exchange

Ethereum is required to participate in the Tamadoge presale. It can be purchased at any exchange or directly on the Tamadoge website using a debit or credit card.   

Step 2: Deposit and buy ETH

After registering on an exchange, click on ‘Deposit Funds,’ choose how much to invest, and press ‘Deposit.’ Then search for ‘ETH,’ click on ‘Trade,’ decide how much ETH to buy, and press ‘Open Trade.

Step 3: Create a crypto wallet and withdraw ETH

Then go to the MetaMask website and download the browser extension or the app for your smartphone. Follow the on-screen instructions and create a wallet, make sure you are on the Ethereum network, and use the wallet to withdraw ETH from the exchange and move them to MetaMask. 

Step 4: Connect the wallet and buy TAMA

When funds are available, go to the presale on the Tamadoge site, select ‘Connect Wallet,’ choose MetaMask, and confirm the connection. Then click on ‘Buy Tamadoge’, choose how many tokens to buy (1000 minimum), press ‘Convert ETH’. The tokens will be available at the end of the presale.  

Visit Tamadoge now

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