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Big Eyes Coin is a DeFi-based project that is phenomenal


Decentralized Finance provides a full spectrum view of financial services. With the old standard being loans, banking, and mortgages, decentralized finance has shifted the focus to contractual relationships and asset trading. However, the innovations of DeFi have repeatedly challenged centralized Finance in the financial system by taking power away from mediators and brokers and providing a direct link for buyers and sellers.

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a full community project that is DeFi based but also focuses on protecting the well-being of aquatic animals. However, this NFT-based project aims to shift wealth into the DeFi industry while protecting integral parts of the world’s ecosystem.

The Big Eyes Coin team noticed the harmful practices perpetuated against the aquatic animals. As a result, they have procured various measures to protect these animals while still sufficiently creating wealth for its users and investors.

Big Eyes Distinct Features

Certain features make Big Eyes Coin stand out. These features are distinct from Big Eyes Coin, further pushing the cute nature of the Big Eyes platform. They include:

Marketing Prowess

The Big Eyes Coin team understands the importance of marketing, and they have set aside a wallet that caters to this problem. However, 5% of the total earnings of Big Eyes Coin will be set aside in the Marketing Prowess wallet to ensure that Big Eyes Coin is always in the ears, eyes, and hearts of the public. 

NFTs High Scalability

The Big Eyes Coin platform aims for its NFTs to be among the top ten NFTs, bringing joy and value to the Big Eyes platform. Also, the Big Eyes platform aims to host NFT events that will further push awareness for the platform’s NFTs.

Tax-Free Shopping

Using the Big Eyes Coin token, you can shop and purchase things online without tax payments. Therefore, no tax, no worries. As a result of the no-tax policy of Big Eyes Coin, there are no attached fees as well to shopping. However, the Big Eyes tax system is very dynamic and favorable to its users.

Full-Scale Community

The community of the Big Eyes Coin token will be in full control of the Big Eyes Coin token. However, this full-scale freedom is shown from the launch of the Big Eyes Coin token. For example, 90% of the Big Eyes token will be available for launch. 


The Big Eyes Coin project is phenomenal because of its charity-based protocol. However, this charity project is done in a bid to save the oceans and ocean inhabitants. Therefore, to effectively achieve this, 5% of the Big Eyes Coin token is set aside in a visible wallet that holds all charity-related funds.

The Big Eyes Token

The Big Eyes Coin project functions effectively with the help of its native currency. This currency facilitates all platform-based activities. However, this token is known as the Big Eyes Coin token. 

Big Eyes Versus Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox is a digital world that allows users to build, buy, sell, and create crypto assets in the form of a game. However, the native currency of this platform is SAND, and it is run on a blockchain-based model. Also, the Sandbox blockchain combines the powers of decentralized organizations and non-fungible tokens to create a decentralized platform that thrives in the crypto gaming community.

However, Sandbox was launched in 2011, with its primary mission being to introduce blockchain technology into mainstream gaming. The SAND platform focuses on facilitating a creative play-to-earn blockchain model that allows its users to be both creators and gamers. As a result, through its in-house token – SAND, the Sandbox ecosystem employs the power of blockchain technology in facilitating transactions on the Sandbox platform.

Big Eyes Versus Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a digital reality blockchain powered by the ETH blockchain. This platform allows users to monetize and create applications and content. However, this blockchain is created for businesses, individuals, and content creators looking for an artistic medium or a source of entertainment. Also, the native token is MANA.

In addition, LAND holders in the MANA virtual world can develop their plots into whatever they choose. The Decentraland platform was officially launched in February 2020. However, Decentraland is a strong coin that has lasted through crypto and individual platform hurdles.

Concluding Remarks 

The Big Eyes Coin project is very innovative in its delivery; even its roadmap shows an assured path for forwarding movement and progress. Therefore it will be unadvisable not to purchase this token when it launches.

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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