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Double your Bitcoin and Ethereum using this easy strategy


When it comes to safeguarding your crypto in a volatile financial climate, safety has to come first. Of course, the best  investment opportunities will not only involve as little financial risk as possible but will also demand minimal ongoing management and will offer an exceptional ROI. 

To date, no strategy fits this description quite as well as automated crypto arbitrage.

The automated arbitrage platform on the market today, with the most reliable reputation, belongs, without a doubt, to ArbiSmart, a growing financial services hub that offers a variety of volatility-resistant crypto revenue streams. Investment involves close to zero risk, while generating generous, consistent passive profits. 

Let’s use ArbiSmart as a use case to see how crypto arbitrage works and what makes this such an attractive investment strategy, even in the middle of a bear run.  

Minor risk, major profits

Automated crypto arbitrage is one of the most popular services in the ArbiSmart’s EU authorized ecosystem, particularly in a downturn since it offers a great hedge against falling prices.

Crypto arbitrage generates a steady stream of revenue from temporary price disparities, instances where a coin is available on more than one exchange, at different prices simultaneously. 

There are plenty of causes for price differences, such as discepancies in trading volume between smaller and bigger exchanges, and they occur with the same regularity in either a bull or bear market. 

Integrated with nearly 40 exchanges, ArbiSmart’s algorithm scans day and night for price differences on hundreds of different cryptocurrencies at once.  It buys the cryptocurrency at the lowest available price and sells it at the highest, for profits of up to 45% a year, depending on the amount invested. 


Another bear-resistant ArbiSmart service worth noting is the recently launched interest-generating wallet that offers the same rate on your capital, whichever direction the market is moving. Wallet holders can lock funds in short term savings plans for periods as brief as a single month, or in long-term plans for stretches lasting up to five years, earning a better rate the longer the lock on the funds. Interest is paid out daily and can be sent to a separate balance where it can be withdrawn any time or added directly into the locked balance for a higher rate.

ArbiSmart savings plans offer rates unmatched by any industry competitor, reaching up to 147% a year. The exact amount of interest earned will depend on the wallet holder’s account level, which is determined by the amount of the native token, RBIS, that they own. Holding more RBIS means a higher return on balances in all the wallets 25 different supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin, Ethereum and ApeCoin to Euro, USD, and GBP. 

If the balance is in RBIS, the rate of interest is going to be triple the rate offered for balances in any other currency. However, a wallet holder can decide to keep their balance in Bitcoin or Euro and increase their profits by getting the daily interest in RBIS. 

What’s in the pipeline

This autumn and winter, ArbiSmart’s development team is going to be exceptionally busy. 

In addition to a mobile application for using ArbiSmart utilities on the go, the project is introducing a DeFi protocol and yield farming service, offering a completely fresh twist with the addition of unique gamification features. 

Q4 will also see the release of an NFT marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens and a collection of one-of-a-kind ArbiSmart NFT’s. Almost simultaneously, ArbiSmart will be launching a cryptocurrency exchange plus a gaming metaverse offering real-world profits for the purchase, sale, and development of virtual real-estate.


All the utilities in the ArbiSmart ecosystem are interconnected, allowing for better terms when using more than one service at once. So, for example, ownership of an ArbiSmart NFT will boost a liquidity provider’s APY. 

The RBIS token 

So, how will the crypto arbitrage system, the wallet and the upcoming services that have yet to be added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem impact the RBIS price? To answer this, we need to examine the token economy more closely.

Firstly, it is critical to understand that all the utilities offered by ArbiSmart require use of the RBIS token. For example, before the crypto arbitrage algorithm can start generating profit on a user’s behalf, the invested funds are automatically converted into RBIS. The token will also be required for the purchase of all in-game items in the metaverse, and for participation in the decentralized yield farming program.   In addition, RBIS is necessary to receive interest on savings plans, and the more RBIS that is purchased the higher the return for all supported currencies. 

As a result, with every new utility that is added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem over the coming months and beyond, token demand is going to rise.  Meanwhile as the new wallet gains traction and an increasing amount of RBIS is locked in long-term savings, and taken out of general circulation, the supply will diminish. This is due to the fact that the number of tokens that can ever be minted has been permanently capped. 


So, as rising demand outstrips the shrinking supply the token price will skyrocket, generating huge capital gains for RBIS owners, on top of their earnings from staking, gaming, trading or just securely storing their capital. In fact, analysts are projecting a 7,000% rise in the RBIS price by the end of 2022!

To guard against a further downturn and to begin earning a profit from your Bitcoin, while you wait for the market to recover, join ArbiSmart now!

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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