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Poseidon DAO, the word to the artists

Poseidon DAO’s first Twitter space was held on Monday, 26 September, hosting artists Yu Cai and Niro Perrone.

Guided by critic and curator Ivan Quaroni, the artists traced their artistic past, told their NFT stories and analyzed the market, with a focus on this historical moment. Finally, with an eye to the future, they also talked about their prospects and hopes. 

An important announcement also came from Poseidon itself, which stated that the launch of DAO and its token is near.

Yu Cai

Yu Cai has a very broad background in the arts, to which she has always been dedicated. She first studied in China, where she graduated from the China Academy of fine Arts to continue her art studies in Italy. Her experience, which goes from oil painting to engravings, is best expressed in digital art thanks to which she is able to bring together the effects produced by different techniques. Approaching the NFT world by word of mouth from friends about a year ago, she creates her works inspired by Chinese artists, especially in terms of attention to detail, which are highlighted by bright and rich colors. Her works, descriptive of life in cities, are aimed at communicating positive emotions and conveying relaxation to the viewer.

Niro Perrone

Niro Perrone, unlike Yu, has never studied art but rather comes from the world of music. During the first lockdown, he began drawing to entertain his children, thus discovering a long-hidden talent. His first contact with the NFT world is rather peculiar: in March 2021, a friend of his points out to him that a work of his posted on Instagram was sold through the OpenSea platform for several thousand dollars. He then decides to dive into this industry, where over the months he manages to emerge and establish himself through his irreverent and ironic drawings. For his works, Niro looks for inspiration both in political and social events, as in the case of the work The Red Button, and in his everyday life, representing not only his lived experience but also his own inner conflicts, trying to make them as funny as possible for the viewer.


The topic of physical exhibitions of NFTs was touched upon, which for both artists are necessary in order to increase the audience of possible collectors and amateurs and for networking, but for Yu not as essential as for traditional art.

The two also offered advice for those who would like to follow in their footsteps: for Niro, sacrifice and dedication to work are essential; for Yu, perseverance and self-confidence.

Finally, when asked how it is best to act during a bear market, both agreed that it is time to build and improve while waiting for a better time, a bright future they see coming.

Next AMA

Poseidon DAO has already announced the main guests for the next AMA to be held on Monday, 3 October: Giovanni Motta and Emanuele Ferrari. In addition, an exceptional co-host will be present, which, along with further details, will be announced on the Poseidon DAO Twitter channel.

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