Triple your Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Ether and Dogecoin with this automated strategy
Triple your Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Ether and Dogecoin with this automated strategy

Triple your Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Ether and Dogecoin with this automated strategy

By Crypto Advertising - 17 Oct 2022

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Crypto investors have experienced a great deal of uncertainty over the last year, as a result of the prolonged crypto bear run. Whether the autumn and winter months that close out 2022 will see the start of a recovery is still very much up for debate, but in any case, there are certain coins that analysts believe will rise in value whichever way the digital currency markets are headed.

One such coin is RBIS, the token behind ArbiSmart, the EU authorized crypto wallet and financial services ecosystem that  offers a range of bear-resistant services and is in the process of a major expansion, with the launch of a series of new utilities throught Q3 and Q4. 

Making Money in ALL Market Conditions

The ArbiSmart ecosystem includes services that will generate revenue for users, whichever direction the market is trending, and this has proven to have a huge impact on the project’s ability to not only survive but thrive in volatile times.

For a start, ArbiSmart offers automated crypto arbitrage, a type of investing that exploits brief windows where a coin is simultaneously available on more than one exchange, at different prices. Temporary price disparities emerge all the time across different sized exchanges, and they arise just as frequently whether the market is climbing or crashing. As a result, ArbiSmart’s automated system is able to provide a great hedge against a bear trend. 


The user simply deposits FIAT or crypto, which is converted by the system into RBIS, the native token and used to perform crypto arbitrage. An algorithm scans a massive selection of coins across nearly 40 exchanges, day, and night. On finding a price difference, it instantly buys at the lowest price and sells at the highest, generating a profit before the discrepancy has the chance to resolve itself. With zero effort required, the user receives steady profits of up to 45% a year depending on the size of their deposit. 

In July of this year, ArbiSmart also launched it interest-bearing wallet, which supports 25 separate FIAT and cryptocurrencies, and generates sky-high rates of up to 147% a year, in all market conditions. The user can store their FIAT or crypto in locked savings plans for brief periods of 1 or 3 months, or for more extended periods lasting 2, 3, or 5 years, with higher interest the longer the timeframe of the plan. The interest, which is paid out to the wallet holder on a daily basis, can be automatically transferred to an available balance, where it will be accessible for withdrawal at any time, or it can be received directly into the locked savings balance, guaranteeing a better rate.


The wallet holder’s account level decides how much interest they will earn on their Bitcoin, or USD and the account level is determined by the amount of RBIS they hold. In other words, owning more RBIS means a better rate for savings balances in all supported currencies.

Also, while RBIS balances earn triple the interest rate earned on balances in all other currencies, a wallet holder who doesn’t wish to convert their crypto or FIAT into the native token can still earn a higher rate by receiving their daily interest in RBIS. 

Enhancing the Project’s Revenue Potential 

The ArbiSmart ecosystem is expanding rapidly, and the development team is keeping up the pace over the next 4 months with the launch of a series of additional RBIS utilities. Coming up first is a mobile application that will allow users to buy, exchange, store or sell cryptocurrencies quickly and conveniently. This will be almost immediately followed by the launch of a DeFi protocol and yield farming program, with one-of-a-kind gamification features. Participants will be rewarded for the loan of their funds with an exceptionally high APY, of up to 190,000%, as well as 0.3% of the fees from each trade.

Next quarter, in addition to a marketplace, where participants will be able to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), ArbiSmart will also be releasing a collection of its own unique NFT’s. The development team will also be introducing even more fresh revenue streams with the launch of a professional cryptocurrency exchange as well as a gaming metaverse, where players will be able to buy, sell and develop virtual plots of land to earn real money. 


All these interwoven RBIS utilities will drive token liquidity and increase demand, with use of one service leading to higher profits when using another, such as the use of an ArbiSmart NFT to boost a player’s score in the metaverse.

Shrinking Supply and Soaring Demand 

The ArbiSmart ecosystem will be generating individual revenue streams for its users from each of the various RBIS utilities it offers, all of which require purchase of the native token.

Demand for RBIS will rise, with the launch of each new utility, and with the steadily growing momentum of the newly released wallet, which offers multiple incentives for owning RBIS. 

Meanwhile, as an increasing amount of RBIS gets locked in savings plans, leaving circulation, the supply will shrink. The token supply is finite, meaning that it is forever capped at 450 million RBIS, so as demand rises in Q4, and the available supply diminishes, sooner, rather than later, demand will outpace supply driving up the price. 

 So, in addition to profits from staking, trading, gaming, NFT investing and savings plans, RBIS owners will benefit from massive capital gains on the rising token value, over the coming months. In fact, analysts are anticipating a rise to 48 times the current value by the end of 2022.

All these factors make ArbiSmart (RBIS) one of the most potentially lucrative crypto investment opportunities of 2022, whichever direction the market moves next. To begin earning from your crypto, before the huge development push that is underway sends the RBIS price through the roof, open a wallet now!


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