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World Super League: the new soccer game on the blockchain

World Super League is a new fantasy soccer game developed on the blockchain by the Noku platform.

How does World Super League work

The goal will be to create a soccer team with players from various clubs and nationalities to compete in matches and tournaments, the best players will receive rewards in tokens and NFTs that they can use in-game or on Noku’s marketplace.

Through a simple and intuitive platform, players will be able to take part in various tournaments and compete to climb the leaderboard.

World Super League

Within the game, players will not represent only one asset, instead, to deploy a full lineup it will be necessary to select: 

  • 1 coach
  • 1 module
  • 11 starting kickers
  • 4 bench players
  • 5 bonus cards

World Super League

What does the Beta consist of?

It will be possible to participate in a two-day mini-tournament in which players will be able to purchase Beta packages through credits provided by the platform. 

At the end of the two days, the total ranking will be determined and the top10 players will be entitled to prizes that will be handed out during the public phase, scheduled for later this month. 

The beta version of the game will officially start in a few days (17/10) and it is still possible to get a pass to participate in the preview by entering the official Discord channel.

What is the Noku platform?

Officially launched in 2017, NOKU is the first NFT gaming protocol with its own blockchain.

As a token, Noku was created to bring greater social freedom and economic independence to as many people as possible by providing secure means of exchanging value. It also improved the performance of NFTs for gaming through its Nokuchain, a scalable EVM blockchain.

The first NFT game launched on the platform is Crypto Heroes, launched in July 2021, and also supported by Koinsquare’s Italian Crypto Community.

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