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Why Should Watch Out For Ripple and Big Eyes in 2023?


2022 has been a year to forget for many crypto traders, and they can’t wait to do away with memories of its harsh bear seasons. While different extreme market conditions marked 2020 due to strange reasons to most traders, it offers a unique opportunity that’s not found every day. The prices of most crypto tokens have dipped considerably from what they used to be. This means that users can purchase crypto tokens at a significantly lesser price. By doing this, traders will enjoy more returns on their funds when this harsh bear season ends. 

Ripple and Big Eyes are top cryptocurrency projects that have experienced price dips during the 2022 bear market. However, if crypto market history is anything to go by, it’s safe to say that these crypto tokens will bounce back. This piece will look at what’s expected from these tokens by 2023. 

Big Eyes Coin

Sending Out Waves

Before the crash, Ripple was a top project. While it has lost most of its value in the market, Ripple is still a top project. Without a doubt, this project will bounce back when market conditions become favorable. Ripple has an impressive utility that will shock people. 

big eyes coin

When Ripple was designed, users came up with a cryptocurrency project that could serve as a payment network. Ripple’s goal was to be the top payment remittance system in the world. It’s similar to SWIFT. Ripple will process transactions with blockchain technology. 

Ripple will not find it difficult to get to the top of the coin market because it can process transactions for almost any type of cryptocurrency. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re sending Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dollars, or Euros. Ripple will handle the transfer securely. Released in 2012, it’s safe to say that Ripple is one of the first cryptocurrency projects on the coin market. The tokens used for ripple are pre-mined and represented with the symbol XRP. 

Big Eyes Coin

Major Meme Movements

There are many reasons why any cryptocurrency trader or meme lover should be a part of Big Eyes. To start with, the project is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. This means that the project will be free from the congestion of the Ethereum blockchain. Users will also be able to make their token purchased at a considerably lesser cost. Not every day do you come across meme coins on the BSC, and this feature has endeared cat and meme lovers to the project. 

big eyes coin

Going further, Big Eyes has a community-driven mechanism where users will be kept in the control of activities on the project. This community-driven approach will ensure that users own 90% of the token’s total supply. These tokens will be made available to users during the presale. When the presale kicked off, a vast Big Eyes Twitter campaign ignited user interest in the token. Many users became interested in Big Eyes as soon as they learned about the token’s utility. This meme project can be used in the minting of NFTs. Its developers have ensured that Big Eyes will play a role in the NFT marketplace’s growth. 

Big Eyes has enjoyed a special presale. After kicking off with the first stage of the presale, Big Eyes has moved quickly and is currently in the fifth stage of the presale. Now, the token is closer to being launched than ever. It’s also worth noting that most of the hype for this presale will be carried into the token launch. The fifth stage of the Big Eyes presale is still on. You can join by clicking the link below.




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