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Bitcoin Merch: crypto in fashion

Merch featuring Bitcoin is available on thecryptomerch.com, a famous e-commerce acquired by The Cryptonomist a few years ago.

The prestigious crypto Bitcoin has gradually conquered every sphere of social life: work, investment, innovation and now the field of fashion. 

Thecryptomerch.com features not only merch related to Bitcoin, but also some depicting the logos of many other crypto assets, such as Ethereum, Dash, Zilliqa, Nano and so on. 

The clothing that thecryptomerch.com offers is for both children, men, and women; there are t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats in various colors, patterns, and sizes. 

In addition, there is also the possibility to order mugs or mouse pads also bearing the logo of Bitcoin or other crypto. 

Bitcoin merchandise can be purchased on thecryptomerch.com at modest prices and with shipping available worldwide at a fixed cost of $3.95.

Of course, being an e-commerce dedicated to the crypto world, there are also plenty of non-traditional buying options. In fact, it is possible to buy with crypto, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zilliqa, Bitcoin Cash and many more.

The Bitcoin logo: what it looks like and its history 

Most Bitcoin merchandise features the famous Bitcoin logo, now a symbol of digital currencies and instantly recognizable. 

Initially, the Bitcoin logo, introduced in 2009, was a gold coin with the words “BC” on it. This logo remained in use for a few months, and featured two capital letters in a traditional bold sans-serif font, with clean outlines and straight cuts. The gold and yellow color palette of the badge made the logo resemble a real metal coin.

As mentioned above, after a few months, the logo was redesigned and that is when the iconic “B” symbol was first created. The letter “B” with two vertical lines was placed on a shaded, clean and refined golden circle, just like the one in the previous version, but with more clarity and sharpness. The new sign made the currency look real, the same as the US dollar, the euro, or any other.

In late 2010, the Bitcoin logo was redesigned again, with the “B” white and positioned diagonally, in a simple orange coin. The design became completely flat and all the shades disappeared. 

The new orange color and the white palette are a representation of energy and growth, of progress and movement. The white serif “B,” with two vertical strokes running through it, looks solid and evokes a sense of loyalty and professionalism.

Later, the official Bitcoin logo was modified by Satoshi, also known as “the father of Bitcoin, who added two vertical strokes. The current version was created by Bitboy. The cryptocurrency has the currency code BTC, which is not officially registered.

There is obviously strong symbolism behind Bitcoin’s official and final logo, which makes all the merchandise behind it at thecryptomerch.com even more unique

In fact, the 8″ serves as a numerical sign for “B” (for block). The 12.5% also symbolizes “8” and “B” (it is an eighth).

The two vertical strokes, on the other hand, are suggestive of the US dollar first and foremost. However, when looking more closely, it is possible to notice that they can be seen only above and below the “B,” while the stroke on the dollar symbol is different. 

For this reason, it appears that the “B” has been placed above the “$.” This symbolizes that the old international currency, the dollar, has been replaced by Bitcoin. 

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