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Notable Crypto: eNFTs and celebrities

Coming together with Notable Crypto are new eNFTs, proposed by the tech company ChainLab, in collaboration with Velvet Media, a well-known marketing agency. 

This new type of non-fungible tokens will have a new use and, thanks to Notable, are destined to change the relationship between celebrities and fans. 

What is Notable and what are eNFTs 

Notable aims to be an NFT marketplace. In other words: a website where you can create, sell, and exchange non-fungible tokens. So far, this does not sound like anything earth-shattering for the crypto world. 

Yet, there is a novelty to it, and Notable has made itself known for it. In fact, the platform will be focused on a particular type of asset: eNFT. What is special about these new tokens is that they are tied to a physical or digital experience

Let’s look at a few examples to better understand what we are talking about. 

With the new eNFTs it will be possible to shoot a penalty shot at the goalkeeper of one’s favorite team, be backstage with one’s favorite singer, and have many other experiences related to the celebrities everyone has always admired. 

The peculiarity is that the whole process, up to the realization of the experience, will be guaranteed by Notable’s smart contracts, based on Blockchain technology.

The project described by those who are part of it 

Notable, since its inception, has been a project espoused and partly implemented by Velvet Media, a Veneto-based agency known for conceiving the first metaverse dedicated only to music. 

The Chief Innovation Officer is Andrea Zaniolo, who said: 

“A few years ago we were the first to bring the concept of phygital into events, transforming them from physical to virtual. We saw in this ChainLab project the possibility of bringing fans closer to their icons, allowing the influencer to earn directly from their creations, monetizing their popularity.”

Riccardo Caneve, on the other hand, is Notable’s Chief Operating Officer and went on to explain the project’s business model in more detail:

“The peculiar feature of eNFTs is in fact the royalty on each asset exchange: the creator will earn for each future transaction between users with a percentage of the proceeds. A sort of secondary market also arises, of fans who invest in young artists and sell eNFTs when they increase in value.”

Finally, we know that the eNFT business is ready to take off in Italy as well, as Luca De Zordo, CEO of Notable points out in his words: 

“In this initial and testing phase, about fifty influencers have expressed their interest, representing a total of over two million followers and who will provide a dozen different experiences. For them it is a business. In fact, the user, once the token has been purchased, will also be able to evaluate a medium-long term investment, keeping the token on the platform or in their personal wallet. If after a certain period of time the artist’s popularity should grow, his NFTs will increase in value, and the buyer will be able to resell them.”

What is Notable Crypto: the NBL token 

Prior to the recently launched innovations, the Notable ecosystem appears to be tied to a token in its entirety, called NBL. The NBL token represents an asset originally belonging to the well-known BEP20 token type.

Although the project is new, it is possible to locate plenty of information about the cryptocurrency, even within reputable exchanges. 

Indeed, in addition to having its own independence within the crypto market, thus trying to make its way among the biggies in the industry, NBL plays important utility roles within the ecosystem. 

Utilities that can be associated with both potential fans and creators. For creators, it offers advanced features and increases in royalties (with a view to future NFT trades). 

In addition, it offers exclusive access to drops, specific discounts on fees, and the ability to participate in crypto staking activities within the ecosystem.

So, although the Notable NBL token is still a relatively new cryptocurrency, it has already had the opportunity to be featured on some of the best trading platforms in the crypto world, which also allow users to get started with practical zero-cost demo accounts.

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