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The stock performance of Juventus, Amazon and Tesla

A closer look at Juventus, Amazon and Tesla stocks, very different stocks that help us understand where the market is going.

In New York good performance by the Dow Jones which continues last week’s trend with a +1.07% at 31,837 points. Also doing well is the Standard & Poor 500 which stands at 3859 points dispelling any catastrophic forecasts in the short of last week that wanted it below 3,000 points towards new lows.

The Nasdaq and S&P 500 are not lagging behind, performing +2.1% and +1.49% respectively.

Looking at the Standard & Poor 500, we note that the materials sector hit +2.53%, the telecommunications sector +2.37%, while secondary consumer goods stop at +2.34%.

Amazon (AMZN)

The stock stops at $120.60 up +0.78 (0.65% today) while in after hours it is given at $115.35 down 4.35%.

The US marketplace is scheduled to release quarterly data on 27 October (tomorrow) and senior analyst Wedbush spoke on the topic.

According to Wedbush, AMZN’s top line could almost touch the lower end of its previous guidance and miss its revenue forecast.

Net sales in Q3 are expected to be between $125 billion and $130 billion translating to growth between 13% and 17% including a negative impact of about 390 basis points from negative exchange rates. 

Patcher states:

“The dollar strengthened during the third quarter, probably causing a more substantial headwind than management anticipated, leading us to believe that the incremental losses from foreign currency conversion could be in excess of $ 1 billion.”

Renowned analyst Patcher believes Jeff Bezos’ company’s third-quarter revenues could fall below the $130 billion of the time estimates while the consensus is estimated at $127.8 billion.

The drop could also be the result of poor performance on the last Prime day of the e-commerce and spending as a result of the tug-of-war between Amazon and Italy over the construction of the strategic hub in the brands for Central Southern Europe and Southern Africa to be built in Jesi, Marche (67,000 square meters of warehouses).

Tesla (TSLA)

The electric EV and energy company marks $222.42 per share in the latest session with a gain of $11.16 per share (+5.29%) in the session.

Afterhours do not smile on the Texas company with an expected value of $217.12 actually burning the previous session if the performance is confirmed.

Despite electric mobility in China becoming more popular, the car market is shrinking and this led Elon Musk to communicate through the company a price reduction for the Model 3 and Model Y by 9% and this did not go down well with the markets.

This time Tesla’s Q3 did not carry any surprises on its lap on Bitcoin and all those remaining are intact on the Texas company’s balance sheet.

None of the 10,700 Bitcoin held by Tesla stock were sold this Q3 nor is there any intent to sell in the future, rather, according to insiders it is time to hold again.

Musk’s company, much to the surprise of analysts posted excellent data relative to all items except for revenues, which were slightly below expectations.

Operating expenses were unchanged at 1.7 billion, but the group acknowledged that it is experiencing raw material cost inflation.

From the previous year’s 2 billion, operating profit also grew to $3.7 billion due to an increase in vehicle deliveries to 102,439 more units than in 2021 with a sales price premium to make up for inflation and higher raw material costs. The Texas-based company hits earnings per share with an excellent +4.98% over the previous quarter but despite record revenue, it misses revenue, which falls short of estimates by 1.96%.

The third quarter gave (so to speak) a 55.9% increase in revenues, 21.5 billion US dollars, while the entire automotive segment despite rising 18.7 billion dollars from 12.1 billion a year earlier shows a lower figure than Musk’s company.

Piazza Affari: Juventus shows interest

Bad performance in Milan for the stock of the soccer team, which in parallel with the sports performance registers a major decline.

A 2.21% fall for Juventus on the stock market that suggests a bearish trend according to analysts’ sentiment (at least in the short term).

Should it go below the low of 0.2914 euros in the last trading session, the bearish trend would be confirmed.

The relative performance against the FTSE Italia All Share index reports a negative change of 4.07% in the previous session.

Low volumes touching 5,508,585 pieces traded, the value is higher than the previous session, but also higher than the weekly average.

The forecast for the stock is for a period of high volatility precisely because of the interest the stock is generating among investors who consider the price congruous.

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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