A new app for crypto investors to manage MetaMask
A new app for crypto investors to manage MetaMask

A new app for crypto investors to manage MetaMask

By Giorgi Mikhelidze - 1 Nov 2022

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Even though there are plenty of choices when it comes to crypto wallets, the MetaMask app is one of the most commonly used. One reason why it still remains the leading one is that it allows users to easily and securely store their private keys in a variety of locations, including on their computer, smartphone, or even on a hardware device. 

Additionally, Metamask provides an easy way for users to send and receive payments in cryptocurrency without having to go through a traditional exchange. Finally, the Metamask team is constantly innovating and adding new features to the wallet, which has helped keep it popular among cryptocurrency users.

Recently Metamask announced a new portfolio decentralized app which will make trading and transactions more convenient for investors. Today, we will describe this new product in more detail. 

A crypto app from MetaMask 

The Beta portfolio dApp from MetaMask was announced in March and launched in September of 2022. The aim of the launch is to provide users with an easy and convenient way to manage their Ethereum assets. The main features of the recent portfolio app from MetaMask include a user-friendly interface that will be easy to use for every type of investor no matter their experience. It will be very organizable with the view of the investors’ assets or transactions. 

A simple and clear design will make navigating easier and more comfortable. On the other hand this new portfolio, Dapp will make it easier to add tokens to the portfolio. The process of adding ICOs will be much easier too. Additionally, updated features include more integration with popular exchanges. So, with enhanced comfort, it increases the trading opportunities too. 

But the main feature which makes using the new Dapp from Metamask more comfortable is merging the accounts. More specifically users will be able to unite multiple chains and accounts. It will make the whole process more organizable and effectively manageable. 

Multichain dApp from MetaMask is available on the Ethereum network and can be accessed through the MetaMask browser extension. As it has full support from Ethereum Name Service and is multi-chain featured, it can be connected to some networks. More specifically, supported networks are Fantom, Polygon, Abritrum, Avalanche, Optimism, BNB Chain, and Ethereum itself. It is not excluded that the number of supported networks will increase. 

As we mentioned the main aim of this new portfolio wallet was the wider connection for each investor. The new feature adds  non-fungible tokens same as NFT collections and creates a feature of ‘Get A Holistic View.’ This feature will make it available to see your collections portfolio and manage them with other types of your assets too. 

So, to conclude, what are the main benefits of using the new portfolio wallet from Metamask? First of all, it is a chance to have a connection with multiple accounts and manage all of them in a more organized way. You can simply aggregate assets and monitor the token balances. Amazing features to add to your NFTs and Managing the collection with assets will create a more clear picture of your current condition as well as future movements. You will be able to easily view your multi-chain assets and search for other tokens. You can simply add them to the watchlist and monitor every useful news. 

More information about MetaMask

For those who are not familiar with it, MetaMask is a very popular and completely trustworthy company that provides electronic wallets. Each of them accepts different digital currencies. The company was founded in 2016, in the USA and became very popular after 2020, as the crypto market became the biggest news for the whole world. More specifically, this company provides wallets with the highest quality technical compatibility including PC or smartphone apps. It has a great reputation and is considered the safest crypto wallet to try. 

There are many specialties of MetaMask crypto wallet. One is that it is very user-friendly and easy to use. Another specialty is that it allows users to remain anonymous while using the wallet, which is a great feature for those who want to keep their identity private. Additionally, MetaMask provides a high level of security for its users, making it one of the most secure wallets available on the market today.

In general, MetaMask can be a good option for beginners because it is easy to use and provides a high level of security. Additionally, MetaMask can be used with multiple browsers and platforms, which gives users more flexibility. 

The wallet is constantly being updated and improved, with new features and security enhancements being added on a regular basis. MetaMask supports widely used as well as less popular digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. The conditions of having a Metaask wallet are that you must be 18 years or older and have a valid email address. MetaMask currently has over 1 million users.

Giorgi Mikhelidze

Giorgi is a Georgia software developer with two years of experience trading on the financial markets. He is now working to spread the knowledge about the Blockchain in his country and share all of his findings and research to as many crypto enthusiasts as possible.

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