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A programmer spent nights 69 nights in the Bitcoin Cash City

Paying for everything in Bitcoin Cash? It can be done. Programmer Jonathan Silverblood recently spent more than 2 months in Townsville, Australia, also called “Bitcoin Cash City” with the sole purpose of paying for everything he could using Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The Bitcoin Cash payment method appeals to Silverblood because it is part of his income and is less expensive than other forms of payment.

Bitcoin Cash as a payment method

Townsville is known as Bitcoin Cash City, thanks to a conference of the same name held for the first time in 2019. The strong connection to Bitcoin’s forked token stems from the fact that it appears that many merchants accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a payment method. 

Jonathan Silverblood, had already attended the 2019 Bitcoin City Cash conference and was fascinated by the merchant sector influenced by the BCH cryptocurrency. Therefore, once the restrictions for Covid-19 were over, he decided to return to the city.

The programmer, upon returning from the trip, states:

“Going to this destination was entirely about using BCH and was also kind of an excuse to spend more than I usually do, while simultaneously getting more work done by letting family and kids have a vacation with their grandma.”

What can be paid for in Townsville with Bitcoin Cash

Silverblood is a Bitcoin Cash enthusiast and programmer. General Protocols, his employment for the past three years is entirely paid in Bitcoin Cash (BTH), which is why he was fascinated by Townsville.

“Using it to pay for things while I was there just made sense, partially because I already have my income paid in BCH, and partially because it’s just so much less effort than some of the other forms of payment I use.”

The programmer was able to pay for many services with Bitcoin Cash: breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but also different services such as Steam and Netflix gift cards and even some household bills. 

“Some days were pretty busy; we would buy breakfast, lunch, ice cream, bread and dinner, but sometimes my family wanted to go elsewhere rather than eat at the specific BCH accepting merchants.”

However, the experience has not been completely perfect says Silverblood, in fact, it seems that in Bitcoin Cash City some times there can be problems with Wi-Fi and clearly there are also some merchants who do not accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

“I also found that not all merchants were open to the idea of using BCH because they did not want to “complicate bookkeeping” and “couldn’t stomach the volatility.” For most merchants I spoke with during my trip, it seems to just be that the number of customers paying with crypto is just too small to motivate additional staff education costs, additional hardware like WiFi and payment terminals.”

Despite a few hiccups, the 69-day vacation to Townsville (Bitcoin Cash City), was a fantastic experience for the programmer. In fact, he said he will fly for the BCH 2022 conference in St Kitts, another location that accepts Bitcoin Cash as a payment method. 

Finnish programmer Silverblood is confident that there will be many cities adopting such payment methods in the future. Payment in crypto will be a revolutionary breakthrough for cities and their services.