Beginner-friendly Staking Platform Oryen experiences huge growth with 110% gains – Invest now alongside ENS and IMPT
Beginner-friendly Staking Platform Oryen experiences huge growth with 110% gains – Invest now alongside ENS and IMPT

Beginner-friendly Staking Platform Oryen experiences huge growth with 110% gains – Invest now alongside ENS and IMPT

By Crypto Advertising - 15 Nov 2022

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If you’re looking for investment opportunities that offer the potential for high returns, consider investing in new and innovative cryptocurrency projects. These cutting-edge technologies are still in their early stages, so there is potential for significant growth in the future.

Amid a volatile crypto market, one project is shining bright. Oryen has surged 110% in the last month, outperforming expectations. The Defi platform allows users to stake the native token, ORY, and earn industry-leading payouts. So let’s figure out why crypto enthusiasts are including ORY in their portfolio and what benefits this network offers.

Understanding Oryen Network (ORY)

Oryen is a digital currency that offers an auto-staking system with an annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 90%. Its OAT feature allows investors to earn the highest returns without dealing with the difficulties associated with traditional crypto earning and staking.

The protocol’s effectiveness depends on Oryen’s Treasury and a unique tax structure. They promote staking and maintain the value of ORY. In addition, the Risk-Free Value (RFV) of Oryen offers protection against market swings and a high return rate. As a result, Oryen provides a rapid, safe, and secure service with hourly interest rates that compound exponentially over time.

In contrast to the competitors, Oryen has maintained steady growth, attracting more users and raising the price of ORY. In his most recent video, Safemoon whale Steven Clarke praises the platform’s resilience amid difficult times and expresses his enthusiasm for the project.

What is Ethereum Name Service (ENS)?

ENS is a domain name system that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It lets users create human-readable names for their wallet addresses and decentralized websites. This makes it easier for users to find and use Ethereum-based services.

The ENS makes buying and managing domains easy, so you can conduct secure and decentralized transactions without worrying about long or complex addresses. Plus, it minimizes the risk of inputting errors when sending payments.

What is (IMPT)?

The IMPT Token is a blockchain-based platform that allows businesses and individuals to manage carbon credits. This will easily offset environmental impact and help make a positive change.

The IMPT project enables the straightforward buying and selling of carbon credits using a blockchain marketplace. The reason behind using blockchain technology is to eliminate frauds and scams and bring complete transparency to the carbon credit trading process. Multiple big-name consumer brands and retailers have signed up with IMPT, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Gamestop. Whenever a customer shops on any of these affiliated brands with the IMPT widget, the retailer will donate a portion of their earnings to IMPT.

Key Takeaways

Many experienced investors rely on recognizable tokens like ENS and IMPT. However, investing in a promising new crypto gem like Oryen (ORY) could present an opportunity for significant gains. This is supported by the fact that seasoned crypto whales are looking at this project for their own investments.

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