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Bitget: crypto-exchange registers in Seychelles and aims for expansion

News for Bitget: the crypto exchange has registered in the Seychelles with the aim of expanding globally. Among the projected milestones is to increase staff from 800 to 1,200 people by Q1 2023. 

Bitget registers in Seychelles and wants to increase staff by Q1 2023

Bitget, the cryptocurrency exchange that operates in a decentralized manner without a specific location, has announced that it has registered in the Seychelles to facilitate global expansion. 

And indeed, Bitget’s predictions include establishing more regional hubs in the future and increasing the size of its workforce from 800 to 1,200 by the first quarter of 2023. 

Essentially, Bitget has also established regional hubs in Asian and Latin American markets and plans to strengthen its global presence with more regional hubs, such as those in Europe and Africa.

Not only that, earlier this year, Bitget said it planned to increase its workforce to 1,000 by the end of the year. But already from June 2022 to the present, the crypto-exchange has grown from having a team of 450 people to the current 800, registering a 78% growth in staff. 

Now, in view of its expansion, it said it plans to increase that goal by expecting to have a team of 1,200 by Q1 of 2023. Currently, Bitget is looking for talented engineers and product, marketing, and branding team members to provide the best social trading experience for its users.

Bitget: crypto exchange aims for expansion

Bitget’s Seychelles registration took place under the International Business Companies Act of 2016. 

In this regard, Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, said:

“We see Seychelles as a friendly region for the crypto community. We have been working for several months on this registration and are happy to announce the development now. The registration in Seychelles offers a constructive environment for Bitget, enabling us to unlock collaborations with partners and strengthen banking relationships, along with our expansion with different partnerships, such as the Argentine football legend Lionel Messi and the Italian football club Juventus.”

With regard to expansion, Chen continues as follows:

“Our recruitment always aligns with our global expansion and long-term strategy, and we will continue to hire despite current market sentiment. Capable and suitable talent will help Bitget build a safe and reliable platform, which will gain stronger traction among users in the fiercely competitive industry and eventually lead to a more trustworthy and robust platform that better serves the community.”

The $5 million fund to help traders affected by the FTX collapse

Recently, Bitget established the “Builders Fund,” a $5 million fund dedicated to supporting traders and partners affected by the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. 

Basically, those who have suffered losses from the largest collapse in the history of centralized crypto-exchanges will be able to apply to receive relief funds made available by Bitget. 

The requirements for applying for the fund are:

  • be a partner with an affiliate account on FTX;
  • have more than USDT 50,000 in assets or a monthly transaction volume of more than USDT 10 million (including spot and futures) on FTX in the past 30 days. 
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