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Gemini Earn news: Winklevoss twins seek a solution to unlock crypto funds

News: after the storm that hit their crypto exchange Gemini Earn, the Winklevoss twins are trying hard to find a solution to redeem their funds for investors.

After the collapse of FTX and 3AC, which put their main partner Genesis in serious trouble, the Gemini Earn platform was also negatively affected. 

Now is the time to find a solution. 

Crypto news: Winklevoss brothers and their Gemini Earn will continue to partner with Genesis 

The Winklevoss twins stated:

We continue to work with Genesis Global Capital, LLC (Genesis) — the lending partner of Earn — and its parent company Digital Currency Group, Inc. (DCG) to find a solution for Earn users to redeem their funds. This remains our highest priority and we understand Genesis and DCG remain committed to exploring every possible option to fulfill their obligations to Earn users.

The specialist crypto lending company, Genesis, was undoubtedly one of the most infected platforms after the FTX collapse, so much so that it got into serious liquidity problems. 

However, these liquidity problems soon affected one of their main partners as well, namely the exchange platform Gemini, owned by the Winklevoss brothers. 

The main goal now is to resolve these problems and succeed in redeeming the crypto exchange’s funds, as the twins explain to microphones: 

We greatly appreciate Earn users’ patience during this challenging time and are working hard to provide a material informational update soon.”

There is also reassurance from the Winklevosses about the problems with Gemini Earn, which in no way affect any of the company’s other products.

Gemini is a full-reserve exchange and custodian. All customer funds held on the Gemini Exchange and in Gemini Custody are held 1-to-1 and available for withdrawal at any time.

The main problems with the connection with Genesis stem directly from the lending platform’s relationship with FTX and Sam Bankman Fried. Ties under which Genesis allegedly made loans to Alameda Research, Bankman-Fried’s trading firm with a portfolio full of FTT, FTX’s token. As FTT crashed, the loan to Alameda was at risk, and in turn so were Genesis’s holdings.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal reported last week that Genesis asked investors for a $1 billion emergency loan before announcing that customers would temporarily be unable to withdraw their funds. 

How the Gemini Earn exchange works

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2015 in New York by the Winklevoss twins. It is known in the industry for being one of the first platforms to allow buying and selling and trading of two digital currencies that were not as influential at the time as they are now, namely Zcash and especially Ethereum.

Gemini’s operability is enhanced by the presence of a special private key system, thanks to which an online storage of only a fraction of the hosted cryptocurrencies is carried out with all that this entails in terms of user protection.

But the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies represents only a tiny part in Gemini’s system of operation. Indeed, the platform also allows for the trading of digital currencies. In addition to this, also worth mentioning is an excellent cryptocurrency custody service that rivals even a traditional trust service. Again in relation to the versatility of its operation, it is most appropriate to note how altcoins are only one of the many assets available, in addition to them there are in fact different types of markets and orders, as well as a variety of execution options.