Big Eyes Coin: The Next Crypto To Explode With Excellent Values Similar to Cosmos and Filecoin
Big Eyes Coin: The Next Crypto To Explode With Excellent Values Similar to Cosmos and Filecoin

Big Eyes Coin: The Next Crypto To Explode With Excellent Values Similar to Cosmos and Filecoin

By Crypto Advertising - 26 Nov 2022

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In the past couple of weeks, a notable event in the world of cryptocurrency unfurled, in the freefall of a crypto giant, FTX. The token’s value crashed by 88% in the early days of November 2022. Crypto experts have rated this crash among the biggest devaluation of tokens in history.

FTX token value plummeted due to allegations of misuse of funds, liquidity concerns, porous security, etc. The critical takeaway for new crypto projects like Big  Eyes Coin and its token, BIG, is maintaining a high level of security within its architecture and transparent services.

Real-world utilities for tokens are another crucial way to prevent another FTX dilemma. Big Eyes possess all these values, guaranteeing its value surge rather than crashing. Big Eyes strategically optimized its ecosystem by establishing its architecture on the Ethereum network.

Additionally, all dealings on the Big Eyes platform are open to all community members. Big Eyes is a project that prioritizes its users and gives them the power to decide what affects its ecosystem.

Another vital feature of Big Eyes is the extension of its token utilities in the real world. The Big Eyes team is committed to donating to charitable organizations worldwide, with a special focus on our planet’s oceans.

This value was evident to the Big Eyes fanbase during its token presale period. Big Eyes has donated to several charity foundations within this period.

Among the recent donations made by Big Eyes is to support the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF). The mission of this organization is to neutralize carbon emissions into our atmosphere. 

FTPF has kickstarted this mission by planting thousands of trees yearly. Big Eyes donation is to help the foundation fulfill its target of planting 18 billion trees globally.

Big Eyes Token: BIG, both in name and potential 

The native token supporting the Big Eyes economy is BIG. The token has shown positive signs during its presale. The Big Eyes team has recouped close to $10 million in the token’s presale.

Comparing Big Eyes with Cosmos and Filecoin:

Cosmos: Interconnected and Interoperable

Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent blockchains that interacts for scalable and interoperable operations. Cosmos maintains interoperability across other chains with its innovative 2-layer approach.

Some prominent blockchains that communicate with the Cosmos network include Ethereum, Bitcoin, NEO, etc. The top brass layer that powers the Cosmos network is the BFT Tendermint. This layer coordinates the consensus mechanisms within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Another active layer on Cosmos is the Software Development Kit (SDK), dedicated to project developers. Cosmos SDK is an application layer that allows developers to create personalized blockchains efficiently.

Filecoin: Storage Solutions

Juan Benet launched Filecoin mainnet in 2020 as a decentralized cloud storage system. Filecoin is the cooperative storage cloud on top of the InterPlanetary File system (IPFS).

Filecoin is an incentive layer for peer-to-peer storage systems that reward users for storing their data on the network. Filecoin mainnet features nodes and miners known as peers on the network.

Peers on the Filecoin network are responsible for verifying other peers through a mechanism called gossiping. This process ensures that files are stored correctly on the network. Filecoin nodes have the feature to broadcast all forms of messages within the network.

Procedural steps to get the Big Eyes utility token (BIG) during its presale

BIG token presale is the best period to purchase the coin for those eager to grab their fair share before the launch. The first requirement is to install Metamask for PC or Trustwallet for mobile. Create a wallet account based on your choice afterward, and safeguard your security phrase from intruders.

Visit coinbase or binance to fund your new wallet with ETH or BNB before purchasing the BIG coin. 

After completing wallet registration and funding, link your wallet to the Big Eyes’ official presale portal through on your preferred browser. Complete the form on the website with your details and the number of BIG tokens you want to purchase. Use the exclusive code: BIGE518 to receive even more bonuses!

You can proceed to the next step by clicking buy after selecting the payment token and checking the terms and conditions box. This step completes your order for the BIG token. You will receive the purchased coin in your wallet upon the expiration of the token presale period.

Conclusion: BIG Shows To Be Well Worth The Hype

Big Eyes is a new crypto project that prioritizes security, transparency, and token utilities within its ecosystem. These are fundamental features that ensure the appreciation of its token value in the future. Buy the token now to enjoy its benefits, and for more information, follow the links below!




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