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Expand Your Portfolio With These 3 Tokens – Bitcoin, Cronos And Big Eyes Coin


The best way to take advantage of the high level of profit potential in the cryptocurrency industry is by adopting a diverse portfolio. This enables users to invest in multiple tokens, taking full advantage of the peculiarities of each project. 

Careful consideration must be taken before adopting a diverse portfolio to make sure that only profitable tokens are purchased, and here are three great projects with which to expand and diversify your portfolio.

The Crypto Pioneer – Bitcoin (BTC) 

Bitcoin (BTC) has evolved from a seemingly shady financial prospect to possibly one of the world’s most valuable commodities. Developed sometime in 2008 by an anonymous cryptographer named Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin white paper was released, detailing different aspects of the projects including token acquisition and use case. 

Bitcoin (BTC) brought about a safer, faster, and cheaper way to execute financial transactions paving a way for innovation in the area of decentralization. The beauty of Bitcoin (BTC) is that every transaction is recorded on a public ledger which cannot be tampered with to avoid double spending and malicious activity. 

Although Bitcoin (BTC) had a slow rise to the top, it now sits as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and can be traded on any reputable CEX and DEX platform within the crypto industry. The Bitcoin Blockchain has a proof of work framework which incentivizes miners who compete to solve complex mathematical problems to process transactions. 

Big Eyes Coin

Cronos (CRO) Is Empowering The Crypto Community adopted the Cronos (CRO) chain as its native Blockchain in a bid to provide a way for users of the Cronos platform to trade and interact. The Cronos chain also enables users and developers to migrate from other chains, as Cronos provides a high level of security, scalability, and decentralization. 

Cronos (CRO) tokens are obtainable on the platform and provide an incentivization layer as well as an exchange layer within the platform as the token can be staked to gain validator and governance privileges.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) –  A New Way To Interact With Meme Coins

The new rave in the meme coin industry is the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) which was launched in the second half of 2022.

The Ethereum-based meme coin intends to be a meme coin worth more than hype as it intends to have a great use case, particularly in the area of decentralized finance. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a highly diverse and secure protocol, with services ranging from an exchange platform (Big Eyes Swap), an NFT collection (BIG Eyes NFT), and a marketplace (Sushi Club). This goes a long way to diversifying the protocol and giving users numerous income streams.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has planned out a 4-phase roadmap with phase 1 already underway. The intention is to diversify the DeFi economy, redefine the meme coin industry, foster community growth through financial opportunity, and give back through charity events. 

For users looking for great projects to expand their portfolios with, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Cronos (CRO), and Bitcoin (BTC) are valid options as they have huge profit potential. 

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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