Guaranteed Yield Major factor in the +200% Price Increase of Oryen Network – Can ORY mimic early Shiba Inu or Avalanche?
Guaranteed Yield Major factor in the +200% Price Increase of Oryen Network – Can ORY mimic early Shiba Inu or Avalanche?

Guaranteed Yield Major factor in the +200% Price Increase of Oryen Network – Can ORY mimic early Shiba Inu or Avalanche?

By Crypto Advertising - 29 Nov 2022

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A cryptocurrency’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) can benefit investors by providing them early entry into the growth story of a new currency. ICOs can also provide investors with a way to get involved in the new currency’s development and to have a say in how it is used and governed.

Oryen Network’s presale has been a success thanks to its auto-staking technique, which has given investors a 200% return on their investment. By automatically staking their tokens, investors can earn a passive income from their investment without doing any work themselves. This has made Oryen Network’s ICO and presale a very attractive investment opportunity for many people.

Oryen – Changing DeFi in 2022?

Oryen Network uses a simple formula – Buy, Hold and Earn. The network’s game-changing, multi-level staking protocol enables investors to earn an ROI of 90% APY. In addition, the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) rebases rewards directly into a trader’s wallet every hour. 

Additionally, ORY has an anti-whale tax system to protect investors from market manipulation and excessive volatility. It also supports an RFV wallet that protects the value. The platform has recently seen a surge in popularity due to its unique offering of guaranteed yields for its users. Compared to other yield-bearing protocols, users of Oryen Network can transfer their tokens out of their wallets to receive their rewards.

ORY has been featured in prominent crypto bulletins like Business2Community and has also been rated very highly by crypto whales like Daryl Boo and Jim Crypto. To back all this up, the Oryen Network is audited by SolidProof, a renowned blockchain auditor. Here’s a schedule of their presale schedule, which also has an added bonus structure for investors.

Presale Session Date ORY Price Purchase Bonus
Presale 2 02 Nov — 09 Nov $0.1 10%
Presale 3 09 Nov — 16 Nov $0.11 9%
Presale 4 16 Nov — 23 Nov $0.12 8%
Presale 5 23 Nov — 02 Dec $0.15 7%
Presale 6 02 Nov — 09 Dec $0.175 5%
Presale 7 09 Nov — 16 Dec $0.21 5%
Presale 8 16 Nov — 23 Dec $0.25 5%
Presale 9 23 Nov — 27 Dec $0.3 0%

Understanding SHIB

Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency created as a parody of the popular cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. It was designed to be a fun and friendly alternative to other cryptocurrencies. The SHIB token is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and users can buy and sell SHIB tokens on several exchanges. The project also launched its own decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap, where traders can earn a passive income by staking SHIB tokens on its network. The platform received immense popularity from social media platforms, and within a short time, SHIB tokens scaled to heights, with its all-time high being in October 2021.

What is Avalanche Crypto?

The Avalanche crypto is a digital asset that is designed to provide a more efficient and secure way of conducting transactions. It is based on a new consensus algorithm created to be more scalable and faster than other existing solutions. It also charges a lower gas fee than its rival, Ethereum. In addition, its native token, AVAX, can be used for staking and governance purposes by its users. AVAX has partnered with several prominent blockchain companies like Chainlink, and analysts suggest that it is one of the few tokens capable of providing traders with a great ROI alongside Oryen.

Key Takeaways

The main factor that has led to the +200% price increase of Oryen Network is the guaranteed yield that the protocol offers. By staking their ORY tokens, users can earn a guaranteed return on their investment, which has helped to attract a lot of interest in the project. Investors are flocking in to get an early entry into the platform’s ecosystem through ORY’s ongoing presale.

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