Oryen Network Posts +250%, Will AVAX And BNB Join In A Bull Run?
Oryen Network Posts +250%, Will AVAX And BNB Join In A Bull Run?

Oryen Network Posts +250%, Will AVAX And BNB Join In A Bull Run?

By Crypto Advertising - 3 Dec 2022

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Within a short time of the presale stage, the unique rebase system known as Oryen Network captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts.

The price of its native cryptocurrency, ORY, has increased by 300% since its launch. This upward movement is anticipated to continue while major cryptocurrencies like AVAX and BNB trade downwards.

Oryen Network

Investing in a good enterprise at the beginning is a rare opportunity made possible by the Oryen token. Though it is still in its presale, its notoriety has already begun to develop, and its expanding community has shown tremendous trust in it. Before the project begins, you may make a lot of money by participating in the ORY presale.

The auto-staking function, which enables anybody to produce passive yields up to 90% APY, is the backbone of the Oryen ecosystem. Unlike previous DeFi protocols with wildly fluctuating interest rates, Oryen is different.

You are eligible to get staking incentives with a set daily return of 0.177% as soon as you buy ORY. Taxes on each trade are what fuel these returns, which the protocol pays out every 60 minutes.

An invention from Oryen is the Risk-Free Value (RFV) system. Funds are gathered in a separate wallet to sustain and stabilize the liquidity pool. This is especially helpful if there is a sudden sell-off that might deplete the available liquidity. Since liquidity is what enables the buying and selling of the Oryen token, this may be problematic. During a sudden sell-off, the RFV acts as a liquidity reserve and stops this from happening.


This year has been particularly difficult for large-cap cryptocurrencies, and BNB is finding it difficult to stop the downtrend.

BNB has been trading sideways and has remained stable. The price has been restrained by a fierce battle between buyers and sellers, and this conflict is expected to continue until the negative pressure ends.


The Avalanche system consists of three distinct blockchains, each with a different application. When compared to Ethereum, the Avalanche C-Chain supports EVM but offers scaled-up speed and fractional costs.

Over the past two years, it has been a hotspot for innovative DeFi protocols. Investors may now access Ethereum’s expansive ecosystem without paying the exorbitant gas prices because the majority of well-known dApps have switched to the Avalanche network.

All of this is fantastic; however, since the bull market peak, AVAX’s value has decreased by 90%. Due to the pricing difference between ORY and AVAX, ORY has outperformed Avalanche by 300% since Oryen Network’s launch.


Big industry players have already taken notice of Oryen because of its enormous presale demand, and anybody seeking a potential opportunity in the cryptocurrency space should give this project priority.

The platform for everyone and anybody is going to be Oryen Network.

For More Information:

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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