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A look at Saipem, Tesla, Amazon, Telecom and Novavax stocks

An overview of the markets touching on all the leading sectors and protagonists of the world economy, major works with Saipem Spa, the healthcare sector with Novavax, telecommunications with Telecom but also mobility and technology with the ever-present Tesla and the online sales giant Amazon. 

Saipem Spa

The construction company’s stock stabilized above one euro, (1.04 euros) appreciating by 2.3 percent confirming the trend of the last 30 days. 

In the last month, the stock has brought home +11.83% far from the 3.60 euros touched in July or the 5.00 euros at the beginning of the year, but a different sentiment returns. 

Saipem takes the lead on the FTSE MIB index with a top-of-the-class performance after the stock was suspended mid-session for overbought. 

Saipem Spa’s outlook changed from “Positive” to “Stable” and puts the stock on a new track. 

After the capital increase five months ago and the profit warning at the beginning of the year, the group put itself in the hands of director Alessandro Puliti to relaunch itself.

With corporate interventions that secured the accounts and revitalized the business, the CEO again succeeded in driving the stock higher.

Saipem secured the construction of the new Florence-Belfiore high-speed and capacity station. 

The infrastructure will be 7 kilometers long, will be built underground, and will consist of two parallel tunnels.

The work was designed by Foster architectural firm together with Ove Arup and partner and awarded to Saipem Spa. 

The work is worth about 1 billion euros, but that is not the only capital expected to flow into the company’s coffers. 

In Qatar on the heels of the World Cup, Saipem wins a $4.5 billion contract with Qatargas in the offshore e&c segment.


Despite problems encountered with the Food and Drug Administration over heart inflammation developed in several trial cases, the pharmaceutical company that had lost 22q on Wall Street wins approval for vaccine boosters for the over-18s and over-50s.

The stock recovers, stopping at US$17.45 with +5.63% even though the ground lost since the end of the pandemic seems unbridgeable (US$143 a share on Jan. 3).

Stanley C. Erck l, CEO of Novavax commented on the news in a paper thus:

“WHO member countries now have a vaccine option developed with an innovative approach to traditional technology that can be stored in a refrigerator, making it easy to transport.” 

The green light comes just after data from the phase 3 study of the PREVENT-19 trial, which are still ongoing the from which in addition to several cases of cardiac complications showed an 80% efficacy against the Delta variant, and this apparently is enough for the WHO. 


182.45 USD -12.41 (6.37%)

Wall Street has a false start and the major indexes lose about 1%. 

Dow Jones, S&P500 and Nasdaq are all in the red and the EV company is no exception (-6.37%) stopping at $182.45 a share. 

The setback in the major indexes with the consequent repercussions on stocks is due to the job report released on Friday that uncovered an unexpected increase in payrolls (263 thousand) and accelerating wage pressures. 

The data raise fears that the Fed’s hawkish policy will continue and the cost of money will be tightened for a longer time.

Also weighing on Tesla is the talk of orders, although vehicle orders are up 1 percent since October and durable goods are up 1.1 percent China is trudging along. 

The slowdown in orders from the largest market for the electric car company poses a serious problem, and Elon Musk is being forced to reduce production at the Shanghai gigafactory as early as this week by about 20 percent of full production.


The e-commerce giant also loses ground but the plan for a revival has already been approved. 

The stock stops at US$91.01 (lost almost 50 percent of value in the past 12 months) a share leaving 3.31 percent in the field. 

Amazon launches a marketing plan that focuses heavily on ADVs especially the return of ADVs on Twitter. 

The decision comes in the wake of the condescending policies in which Musk has taken refuge following numerous advertising defections from social and in addition to Bezos’ company also returns Apple. 

On the investment plan will be all-important and will bring to Musk’s coffers $100 million a year.

The possibility of an above-expected Federal Reserve tightening upsets the markets, which had priced in a 50-basis-point increase. 

Also weighing heavily on the Fed’s choice will be the consumer price data due out on Friday of this week.

On December 14 in the ritual conference Powell will give the verdict, and at the moment Markets fear precisely that the choice will fall on a tightening of 75 basis points for the fifth time this year. 

Telecom Italia Spa

0.21 EUR -0.0029 (1.38%)

0.45 eur in January

Alessio Butti, Undersecretary of State with responsibility for Innovation, said at Milano Finanza Digital Week 2022 that he was concerned about the contribution Telecom Italia should have already begun to make to the creation of the 5G network in Italy. 

There are also major delays on the Italian PNRR due to bureaucratic mistakes made by the previous government that inevitably weigh on the stock on the stock market. 

For these reasons the stock is trudging along in Milan is loses 1.38 percent stopping at 0.21 euros per share, basically half the value it had at the beginning of the year (0.45 euros). 

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
A former corporate manager at Carifac Spa and later at Veneto Banca Scpa, blogger and Rhumière, over the years he has become passionate about philosophy and the opportunities that innovation and the media make available to us, in particular the metaverse and augmented reality