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Fast Forward Series: Rakuten TV brings mainstream the blockchain technology of DigitalBits

On November 30, 2022, RakutenTV and DigitalBits Foundation announced the upcoming release of Fast Forward, a five-episode series, that will debut on December 8, only on the Rakuten TV platform, one of the top European video-on-demand services that currently reaches more than 90 million viewers and is available in 43 European countries.
The five-episode series has been produced by VICE Media Group, which will take the viewers on a unique journey around the globe to learn how future technological advancements will impact our daily lives.

DigitalBits, an open-source blockchain that helps brands advance into Web 3.0, will appear in an exclusive episode, where Nelufar Hedayat, the host of the series, will be brought into the DigitalBits ecosystem. Nelufar will explore this landscape through insightful interviews with DigitalBits blockchain founder, Al Burgio, Managing Director of the DigitalBits Foundation, Daniele Mensi and global brand ambassador, Francesco Totti, and many more.

The presence of the DigitalBits blockchain demonstrates a crucial step toward the mass adoption of this technology, for one of its use cases, such as branded cryptocurrencies, going beyond the usual media and becoming mainstream directly in people’s homes. 

About DigitalBits Foundation

The DigitalBits Foundation is the leading contributor to the technology adoption of the DigitalBits blockchain. The Foundation’s core objectives include: supporting the innovation and product’s adoption built on the DigitalBits blockchain. This is to enhance brand experiences, as well as to create an inclusive and sustainable environment for brands entering the Web3.

About Rakuten TV 

Rakuten TV is one of the leading Video On-Demand platforms in Europe that combines TVOD (Transactional video-on-demand), SVOD (Subscription video-on-demand), AVOD (Advertising video-on-demand) and FAST channels (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) providing users with a universe of content and making the whole entertainment experience easier. 

The TVOD service offers an authentic cinematic experience with the latest releases to buy or rent in high audio and video quality. The SVOD service allows subscription to the premium service Lionsgate+. The advertising-supported offering comprises AVOD and FAST services. The AVOD service features more than 10,000 titles available on-demand, including films, documentaries and series from Hollywood and local studios, as well as the catalogue with Original and Exclusive content. 

The FAST service consists of an extensive line-up of over 250 free linear channels from global networks, top European broadcasters and media groups, and the platform’s own thematic channels with curated content. Rakuten TV is available in 43 European territories and currently reaches more than 140 million households via its branded remote-control button and pre-installed app in Smart TV devices. 

Rakuten TV is part of Rakuten Group, Inc., one of the world’s leading internet services companies, offering a wide range of services for consumers and businesses, with a focus on e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communications. Rakuten is the official partner for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and the Davis Cup.