Undying Interest In The Climate Can Propels IMPT And Big Eyes Coin Further Than Cosmos
Undying Interest In The Climate Can Propels IMPT And Big Eyes Coin Further Than Cosmos

Undying Interest In The Climate Can Propels IMPT And Big Eyes Coin Further Than Cosmos

By Crypto Advertising - 15 Dec 2022

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Global warming has been one of the most basic reasons for climate change around the world, and this, now more than ever, poses a great threat to the life and well-being of all living things on the planet Earth. 

With the excessive flooding on the streets, the extreme weather conditions, the burning of trees in the Amazon, to the hurricanes, this issue calls for immediate attention from individuals who also make up the world.

Big Eyes

Through a strategy known as ‘the carbon offset market’, a way has been found to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to foster positive climate change. This IMPT (IMPT) token’’ stratgey. 

Alternatively, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) employs a different strategy where it uses memes and a community to raise money for ocean sanctuaries. 

Also, further down the lane of continuous innovations, Cosmos (ATOM) powers a system of several blockchains 

IMPT Combats Climate Change Using Blockchain Technology

Big Eyes Coin

IMPT is a platform that was created to provide an easy and effective system with mechanisms to help combat climate change and make the environment safer. The IMPT utility token provides a platform where users who share the same interests in making the environment safer can connect and relate with each other under one Network hinged on combating climate change.

This initiative will bring about a transparent ecosystem and reward users for reducing their carbon emissions and retiring their carbon credits. Through the blockchain technology with which this IMPT (IMPT) token was built, it can tokenize carbon assets to provide a more secure and transparent record of activities regarding environmental activities and reduction in climate change.

The IMPT blockchain technology allows it to monitor and track these activities on its network to avoid fraud. 

This utility token, IMPT (IMPT), has completed its first round of sales, seeing the success of selling 300 million tokens, and will be able to gain more value and advanced use cases over Cosmos (ATOM) and EOS (EOS) in the crypto market.

Cosmos Lacks Scalability

Cosmos can carry out its services in consensus mechanisms without one or more validators, thanks to its network protocol. Staking pools on the Cosmos platform can benefit from this Proof-of-Stake protocol. Cosmos (ATOM) uses parallel chains on the network to address scalability issues that may affect platform users, but its security is limited.

Big Eyes Coin’s 5% Visibility Held Charity Wallet Is Exclusively For Ocean Charities

An unlikely player in the environmentalist game, Big Eyes Coin is a surprisingly successful presale meme currency with the sole purpose of saving the world’s oceans. All this is incentivized by a fictional cat’s desire to continue eating fish. 

This method of persuasion has worked as Big Eyes Coin has already managed to raise over $11 million in its presale and has grown a tight nit community where members exchange memes and engage in competitions. 

A visibly held charity wallet will contain 5% of all BIG upon public release of the token. These funds will be donated to oceans sanctuaries to fulfill Big Eyes Coin’s mission. 

However, the work does not just end there: NFTs inspired by the climate, sold with a 1% charity tax, will also help spread awareness surrounding the environment and all that rely on it. 

Big Eyes

While it is difficult to imagine saving the planet as ‘fun’ or ‘cute’, Big Eyes Coin marketing has just done that. And clearly, it is already pulling a chord with many investors and environmentalists. 

Use the code for a BIG token bonus: Ocean823

For more information on Big Eyes Coin: 




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