The crypto Dash 2 Trade surpasses $15 million in pre-sale alone
The crypto Dash 2 Trade surpasses $15 million in pre-sale alone

The crypto Dash 2 Trade surpasses $15 million in pre-sale alone

By Andrea Porcelli - 11 Jan 2023

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We had already talked about it a few months ago, when the presale of the Dash 2 Trade token exceeded $4 million.

Today, the day the crypto will be listed, data tells us that it has exceeded $15 million with its presale alone, this represents an extraordinary achievement. 

The cryptocurrency will be listed through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The great results led to three major centralized exchange platforms securing the listing: LBank, BitMart and Changelly Pro.  

The track record of the Dash 2 Trade crypto project

The Dash 2 Trade token has created a modest hype around it, given the various services offered and the project’s great potential. 

Dash 2 Trade is an innovative platform for conducting analyses of the crypto market.

It seems to have been highly anticipated by industry experts because of the innovations it will bring to that world, from automated analysis to social trading.

The crypto project was thought of long before it was launched on the pre-sale market, and already after two weeks after the launch, it has attracted a lot of interest and has reached the $4 million mark in a very short time. 

What makes investors excited about the Dash 2 trade token is definitely also due to the speed with which investors bought into the presale, in a bearish phase of the market, getting investors and traders into your project is very difficult. 

Hence, this factor greatly fueled the interest of investors who bought the presale, who believe in a very serious and well-researched project. 

LBank was the first exchange platform to announce the listing of Dash 2 Trade (D2T), and this is not the first time LBank has added such a promising altcoin on its list. 

D2T’s tools that investors like

The range of tools offered by Dash 2 Trade is really wide. Analysis, parameters and data to help the user maximize their earning potential, pointing them in the right direction for the right investment, minimizing their mistakes on bad decisions. 

Numerous technical indicators, both professional and amateur, such as order book statistics, moving averages, automatic trading APIs, and a backtester.

The last tool allows traders to test strategies in real-time, under current market conditions, without risking their capital.

The project platform is also providing social features to communicate alerts, but at the same time discuss Dash 2 Trade related insights, copy trading features and trading competitions.

Among the most interesting tools Dash 2 Trade released over the weekend is a new customized pre-sale scoring system called Dash Score. 

There will be an opportunity to see the D2T team’s evaluations of presale projects, via a score from 1 to 100. The evaluation will be based on several factors, including team, product marketing, development, and tokenomics. 

Regarding D2T’s native token, it is the central core of the project ecosystem; the assets are the foundation of the protocol and provide users with access to all tools and data. 

To use Dash 2 Trade, it is necessary to spend D2T tokens through the monthly subscription service, which has three levels (free, starter and premium). 

Users can invest in the platform’s services using this crypto: 400 D2T monthly for the Starter level and 1,000 D2T monthly for the Premium level. 

The platform already has a community of 70 thousand people, and aims to become the “Bloomberg Terminal for crypto,” thanks in part to its features.

One of the factors that makes a project liked and wanted is undoubtedly that of security, and for Dash 2 Trade, this feature is crucial.

In fact, the platform has collected various information regarding the liquidity and financial activity of different crypto tokens in order to provide its clients with the right functionality to choose what to invest in as correctly as possible, avoiding running into unsound and unsafe projects.

This functionality will limit the likelihood of losing one’s investment. 

Thus, the Dash 2 Trade token is being launched today, the features of the project are many and investors really like it. 

The launch of a project with these functionalities is good news for the crypto ecosystem, which is undoubtedly in need of a breath of fresh air, with the hope that these small novelties will be motivating for a rehabilitation of the sector and the exit from the bearish period we are experiencing.  

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