Illuvium DAO launches its third NFT game in Alpha version
Illuvium DAO launches its third NFT game in Alpha version

Illuvium DAO launches its third NFT game in Alpha version

By Stefania Stimolo - 13 Jan 2023

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Illuvium DAO, the blockchain-based project founded in Australia, has launched its third game Illuvium:Zero. The new AAA game in its Alpha version has already increased the price of Illuvium’s NFT lands by 48% in the last week.

Illuvium and the third NFT game Illuvium:Zero

The blockchain-based project founded in Australia, Illuvium, has launched its third AAA game in its Alpha version, Illuvium:Zero

After Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Overworld launched in their Beta versions, there is now Illuvium:Zero that allows players to develop and manage their own “digital industrial complex.” Basically, in addition to building and managing their own virtual world, players can also earn from their NFTs by mining and selling fuel in the game market.

Illuvium:Zero is currently open to about 6,500 NFT holders of Illuvium Land, but the company plans to expand this to the entire public in 2023. Not only that, the game is available on both smartphones and PC. 

Specifically, Illuvium:Zero is being developed using Unreal Engine 5 and ImmutableX’s blockchain, with the goal of creating a product that can compete with those non-blockchain-based games. 

Illuvium and the pumping of the average NFT price by 48% in one week

The launch of Illuvium:Zero seems to have been appreciated by the gaming public, so much so that the average price of Illuvium’s NFT Land has increased by 48% in the last week

Last year, Illuvium sold 20,000 lands to 5,000 players, raising a total of $72 million. 

In this regard, Illuvium co-founder and game manager Aaron Warwick said: 

“Illuvium: Zero is one of the three pillars of the Illuvium Universe, and players will quickly see the utility of owning Illuvium Land. We can’t wait to see the gameplay strategies that develop as we continue to create the meta game amongst all Illuvium titles.”

Despite this, the blockchain-based game wants to support more of the positive gaming experience that Web3 offers, instead of making it a revenue opportunity. In this way, Illuvium DAO wants to change the general negative perception that companies such as Mojang Studios, Rockstar Games, Valve, and Microsoft have reportedly placed on games using NFTs. 

Blockchain in the service of gaming

In the gaming industry, there are many opportunities today to see the integration of blockchain and NFTs. 

The overall gaming market was valued at $198.40 billion in 2021, with a forecast to reach $339.95 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 8.94% 2022-2027. 

With the integration of Blockchain into gaming, early games such as Axie Infinity, have immediately been riding the wave, recording record numbers. Launched in 2017, in fact, the online game is based on NFT and focuses on the breeding and battle between online players, who earn the companies’ native tokens through the game. 

In 2021, the blockchain gaming market was already worth $3 billion. It is projected to grow to $39.5 billion by 2025. As of January 2022, according to DappRadar, there were already 398 active blockchain games, up 92% from the previous year.

Stefania Stimolo

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