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Calvaria: play to earn ecosystem makes its mark in the crypto world. The partnership with Polygon

Calvaria is a brand new multi-chain play-to-earn ecosystem that has managed to attract the attention of the crypto industry in recent times. The platform team is working to offer an innovative product that can improve the play-to-earn strategy game industry.

Among the approaches, Calvaria wants to take to distinguish itself from other projects is the use of different blockchains. As a multi-chain project, Calvaria will be able to capture the best aspects of each blockchain to provide the best possible user experience. 

Calvaria and Polygon: the partnership 

The latest development for Calvaria involves a partnership with Polygon, a famous blockchain network. Thanks to this partnership, players will be able to reap the benefits offered by Polygon in terms of speed and scalability, but they will also be able to count on the security provided by Ethereum.

In addition, since exploring new blockchains can be an advantage for the project, the team decided to evaluate possible alternatives to offer the best to players. Not to be outdone, Polygon’s blockchain is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of users who have chosen to make use of it in recent years. 

In fact, it currently processes many more transactions than Ethereum. Defining itself as a layer 2 of Ethereum, Polygon aims to attract a large number of users interested in cryptocurrencies by removing most of the barriers that limit its development today.

These features prove ideal for fostering the growth of the play-to-earn gaming industry, in part because of the ability to handle many more transactions. In particular, Polygon’s play-to-earn ecosystem has experienced exponential growth due to low fees and the speed with which transactions are executed. Thus, Calvaria aims to capitalize on these advantages by joining the Polygon community.

Calvaria’s RIA token giveaway

As anticipated, the goal of the Calvaria team is to put its community at the center of the project and has decided to reward participation as much as possible. In fact, a giveaway is being held for those who participated in the presale of the RIA tokens and have them in their wallet at the time they will be drawn as prizes, worth $100,000

As stated on Calvaria’s official Twitter account: 

In any case, the Calvaria pre-sale is about to run out. Over the past few months, the available tokens have been selling fast and more than $2.7 million has been raised. Thus, the presale is now in its final stage: there is less than $400,000 left to raise to declare its end. 

This means that time is running out to participate in the pre-sale, especially considering that the deadline for collection has been set until 31 January, should the last tokens not be sold sooner.

Play-to-earn games: the turning point for mass crypto adoption 

Calvaria’s proposed game can be called the Killer App of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, play-to-earn games are the key to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. For venture capitalists, there are different approaches to the cryptocurrency market, and some of the most important trends include blockchain infrastructure, layer 1, and play-to-earn gaming. 

The reason play-to-earn gaming is considered so important is that it is one of the safest ways for investors to enter the cryptocurrency industry. Especially for younger people, who will be eager to participate in a game much more than they are to participate in the more complex aspects of decentralized finance.

In addition, the process of learning how to trade can be made smoother through these games, because as such many users do not even realize they are interacting with blockchains.

Specifically, in the area of P2E games, and especially those based on battle cards, “Calvaria: Duels of Infinity” represents one of the leading projects. 

The unique features that the platform’s team of developers has introduced for the first time, in fact, are an original setting, state-of-the-art 3D graphics and the coexistence, within the same ecosystem, of two different game versions: the play-to-earn one intended for investors and the free-to-play one open to anyone.

In addition, in the Calvaria play-to-earn ecosystem it is possible to create your own decks of battle cards and fight against other players. This can earn rewards in RIA tokens, adding another incentive to the game.

Those who wish to raise the stakes even further can wager their RIA against other players for the possibility of additional earnings.

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