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Bitcoin news: the ₿ logo lights up the Berliner Fernsehturm tower in Germany

A real Bitcoin news story comes from Berlin, where the orange ₿ logo was projected on the Berliner Fernsehturm tower, Germany’s tallest building, lighting up the capital’s sky. 

Bitcoin news: orange ₿ logo projected on Germany’s tallest tower

It was 21 January when the Berlin sky was lit up with a giant orange ₿, projected on the ‘TV Tower,’ namely Germany’s tallest building, the Berliner Fernsehturm

A kind of “callback” for all German Bitcoiners, who through shares and comments on social media caused the event to go viral. 

Apparently behind such an event is Tilo Neumann, the CEO of an event agency that will host this year’s “Best of Blockchain” conference.  

On his account, Neumann explains the process that made the event possible, saying he used a mixer, a power plant, and a special Bitcoin logo. 

Not only that, Neumann says that already at the end of last year he supposedly tried this process, but the result was not a great success because of the beamer he used, which was too weak. 

Another recommendation from the author of the illuminated Bitcoin logo on Germany’s tallest tower is that this type of “advertising” is not technically allowed, so he advises those who would like to try it to proceed with caution.

₿ logo also on the Bank of England

Illuminating iconic buildings by projecting Bitcoin’s giant ₿ is not just a German idea. 

In fact, back in May 2021, the same thing had already happened in London, on the Bank of England, where “Fiat is the bubble, Bitcoin is the pin” was projected. 

Bitcoin news: the price of BTC today is above $23,000

This spectacular act in favor of the queen of crypto Bitcoin that took place in Germany comes just as the price of BTC remains quietly above $23,000

And indeed since the beginning of 2023, BTC has seen a first bullish trend on 14/1 with the price rising from $18,000 to above the $20,000 level and then the second bullish run precisely on 21/1, which took the price of BTC higher. 

In recent days, BTC has been fluctuating between $22,000 and $23,000, bringing the general sentiment of bitcoiners back from the red zone of fear to a more neutral zone. In fact, today’s Fear and Greed Index for Bitcoin is 52 points

Germany and the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Last year’s KuCoin report, “Into the Cryptoverse 2022,” explored cryptocurrency adoption rates and local people’s involvement in the decentralized industry in Germany

The first striking finding was that 16% of Germans, aged between 18 and 60, reported owning crypto assets. Next, 41% of investors also said they plan to buy more cryptocurrencies in the coming months. 

In contrast, 13% of respondents say they do not own Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but would purchase them in the next six months. 

Bitcoin in Germany has been recognized as a unit of value, which can be used as a financial instrument. In this sense, Germany is among the first European countries to act with positive effect on the mass adoption of BTC. 

The answers provided to KuCoin’s survey focusing on crypto adoption in Germany, had been given after the bull run in late 2021, when BTC itself had touched its ATH – All Time High (or all-time high) of nearly $65,000. Most likely this year, following the long crypto winter, the survey data might be different. 

Bitcoin news: updated data on BTC adoption for 2023

Some metrics have recently been analyzed to understand Bitcoin adoption for 2023. Among these indicators are the number of users of major exchanges and wallets, merchants accepting BTC, daily transactions, hash rate, and more. 

In the case of crypto-exchanges, the report on the number of users at the close of 2022 increased from previous years. Binance reported 120 million users, Coinbase 108 million, and KuCoin 27 million. 

Rising numbers were also reported by the number of merchants accepting BTC reporting +7% in January 2023, compared to January 2022

Furthermore, by 2023, BTC adoption could also increase due to conglomerates around the world that have been created in previous years, such as Lugano Plan B, Bitcoin City in El Salvador, and African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, and the Central African Republic that are reported to be large users of BTC. 

These increases represent resilience to the long 2022 crypto winter, which, along with the early hints of BTC’s bull run in early 2023, could be good indicators to believe that adoption of the queen of crypto assets could continue to increase in this new year as well. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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