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Fight Out crypto project earns about $3 million in pre-sales

The crypto token of the new Fight Out project has just reached $3 million in pre-sales. The blockchain-based project has managed to engage several players in the fitness world, including some UFC stars.

Not surprisingly, the project was already listed as a potential project in vogue in 2023. The idea is new and revolutionary, the first phase of the pre-sale reflected its potential, partly due to the 50% discount for the token to new investors. 

Fight Out: a new crypto move to earn project

The idea of the project is to reward users holding the token who want to keep fit, and who love fitness. A project on blockchain focused on the principle of move-to-earn (M2E). Thanks to Fight Out, people will have an extra incentive to work out, and this seems to be really liked by Web3 users. 

The project makes fitness more interactive, fun, and exciting using Web3 and blockchain technology. It rewards users with digital currencies, which can be exchanged for fiat currencies. 

Thus, it appeals to anyone who wants to achieve a goal in the world of sports, without spending money and being able to track their progress. Indeed, progress and earnings can be managed through the Fight Out mobile app. 

Plans, however, are quite different; it appears that the project will be expanded to include physical gyms. There will be live classes and the use of fitness facilities in major cities around the world. 

The project’s features do not end there, in fact Fight Out, allows people to have complete care of their physical well-being, offering other parameters. This is because the platform makes it possible to keep track of aspects such as quality of sleep, calories taken in, and proper nutrition. A 360-degree view of fitness and wellness. 

The Fight Out app

At the heart of the project is undoubtedly the app, which will allow all the most important features of Fight Out to be carried out. Indeed, training will start precisely from the mobile app, which will allow users to establish their own training plan. 

The app makes sure that users can improve their strength, cardio, muscular endurance, mental and technical strength. 

In addition, the app provides various wellness-based fitness programs, users will be able to customize the various types of workouts in order to meet their needs. 

Once registered in the app, people can choose from various types of membership and receive the 50% discount on the use of the $FGHT native token.  

The second step after registration is to specify one’s fitness goals, choose the various types of training desired directly from the app. Take advantage of all the features the service offers, including keeping track of nutrition and sleep.

The prizes up for grabs

What differentiates Fight Out from any other Move to Earn (M2E) platform is the different focus of metrics for activities. It not only tracks steps, but also tracks the user’s movements during different classes, cardio exercises, weight exercises, and even boxing exercises. The platform will also reward users who help grow the community through the REPS token. 

Fight Out’s smart technology tracks movements and key effort indicators so that the right type of workout is rewarded. Tokens can be redeemed in a variety of ways so that the algorithm receives the correct data. 

The Fight Out token can be used and redeemed in several ways, including redemption in the platform store. There are several items for sale, such as shoes, jerseys, supplements, and fighting equipment. They can also be spent for discounts on subscriptions and for remote consultations with trainers. 

By intensifying one’s training, one has the opportunity to receive more substantial rewards. 

The feature that differentiates Fight Out the most from other M2E apps will be the gyms themselves. Fight Out gyms will be located in major metropolitan areas and will contain a health bar with nutritious meals, shakes and snacks. The gym will be equipped with a screen that will allow personal trainers to interact with users and offer classes remotely.

In conclusion, this is truly a revolutionary and modern project we are talking about. A service that includes many features and benefits. Not surprisingly, Fight Out had often been mentioned in the best projects coming out in 2023. The coaches hired are experts in the fitness industry, their role will be crucial. 

The large pre-sale token sales seem to give positive signs for the project to be one of the best in 2023. 

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