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Big Eyes Coin And Decentraland: NFTs-Related Cryptocurrencies With High-Profit Potential


The growth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) since they gained market attention has been unexpected. Almost all crypto projects are integrating NFTs into their functionalities, leading to the wide adoption of digital assets. NFTs are billed even to increase their value and popularity in the coming year, making projects with NFTs utility likely to have a great performance in the crypto market

Big Eyes Coin

Contrary to popular belief, non-fungible tokens are not only functional in the metaverse. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is one of the crypto projects with no metaverse utility leveraging the benefits of NFTs. It is an NFT-related project that could have a great market debut in the coming year. Decentraland (MANA), a top virtual reality platform, is another NFT-related cryptocurrency billed for an excellent market rally in the new year. You should consider both altcoins. 

Decentraland – The Crypto Virtual Space 

Big Eyes Coin

Decentraland is an Ethereum-powered virtual space where you create, explore, and earn. Users purchase LAND, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) they build or create digital infrastructures upon, lease, sell, or leverage to make money through other means. LAND is a portion of the metaverse, and you’ll need to own one before carrying out any activities on the platform. 

Decentraland fungible token, MANA, is used to purchase LAND. The Erc-20 token is burnt to acquire the non-fungible token and serve other utilities like paying for digital items (Avatars, names, or wearables) in the platform’s marketplace. The community-focused platform allows users to participate in the DAO by holding the LAND token. This gives users the benefit of being part of the decision-makers. 

Decentraland has been a hub of opportunities for users since its launch. Users can explore the metaverse, own NFTs, create artworks, and invest in virtual real estate through the Ethereum-based virtual space. MANA remains the platform’s ultimate utility token and can be a good crypto asset for investors looking to benefit from the anticipated boom of the crypto project. 

Big Eyes Coin – The Newest Meme Token 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a unique meme set to rival top tokens for a space at the upper echelon of the crypto market. The new meme coin is already closing in on Dogecoin (DOGE) in terms of prominence, and you can’t bet against it outperforming the dog-theme token in the coming year. Big Eyes went on presale some months back and has since grown in prominence to become one of the most talked about crypto assets in the crypto space. 

Big Eyes Coin

The cat-theme meme coin has used the hype surrounding it to great advantage, raising close to $12 million on presale already. The meme coin presale success has now attracted more adopters, and many are anticipating a great return when it makes its market debut in the coming year. The core value of the meme coin is “uniqueness.” It aims to stand out in features, utility, application, and approach. The meme coin will feature a self-enhancing ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain. The ecosystem will contain features that can provide users with many benefits in finances, knowledge, and growth. The crypto project will leverage its highly optimized ecosystem to shift wealth into DeFi, increasing its adoption from the less than 1% it is currently. 

Big Eyes Coin’s collection of cute non-fungible tokens will earn it a reputation as an NFT-related cryptocurrency. The NFTs’ function in the ecosystem will range from profit generation to granting access and functioning as a great store of value. Big Eyes NFTs are expected to experience massive value increases, and the developers are working towards ensuring that. The increase in the NFTs value will equally affect BIG, causing it also to experience a pump in price. Big Eyes will likely be the next meme coin to experience a great price pump, and you shouldn’t miss its presale. 

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