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Crypto spotlight: Mina Protocol, Bonk and Kadena (KDA)

A close look at the characteristics and value of certain under-considered but recently emerging crypto assets, such as Mina Protocol (MINA), Bonk (BONK), and Kadena (KDA). 

Crypto: Mina Protocol (MINA) 

MINA touches €0.752007 recording a decline of 0.36% from yesterday. 

The altcoin currently has a market capitalization of €619,103,290 against a supply of 823,267,747 units. 

Mina Protocol had risen to prominence last year, arousing the interest of a number of analysts who have come forward again recently. 

The +25% performance from day to day could not go unnoticed even if it was short-lived. 

The latest 25% recovery performance occurred among other things on a day of market correction and this gave Coin even more visibility. 

Besides Mina, the market has poured its attention in general to ZK protocols (Polygon, Matic, etc.). 

Mina has recently made new developments on the protocol as a result of the intensive work of its developers. 

The company has allocated a series of 3-month funding for programmers to create zkApps and other tools on the network. 

Mina has allocated $500,000 and the same amount of tokens, a funding that is sure to entice programmers to bring out the best in them. 

With Viable (upgrade) it will be possible to run a web node in the browser and it represents an innovation that has been very well received by the market.

Furthermore, at a time when audits and coffers of crypto companies are subject to very critical looks, Mina boasts a really solid balance sheet. 

Crypto: Bonk

BONK, a meme coin on Solana in the vein of Dogecoin or Shiba Inu is described as a digital currency “for the people, by the people.” 

Half of the Coin’s total supply comes from the Solana community.

The token was launched on 25 December last year and has already sent SOL up 34% in two days upon its release.

The coin was available for purchase starting 30 December. 

The team behind Bonk intends to bring new liquidity into the DEX on Solana. 

By forming a new cross-community Coin for all dApps built on Solana, those who own Bonk will be able to boast of belonging to the ecosystem where everyone has the right of expression to contribute to the development and prosperity of the protocol. 

At its inception Bonk was randomly airdropped to Solana NFT collectors, developers and artists and has an almost imperceptible digital footprint, though the identity of who is behind the project remains hidden.

Today Bonk is worth €7.83 with a setback of 18.25% since yesterday. 

The market capitalization is very low but that is normal at launch (position 2601 on Market Cap). 

Crypto: Kadena (KDA)

Kadena (KDA), founded in 2016 by Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino is a Chain based on Proof-of-Work to which it mixes the principles of Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) so as to be a sort of highly scalable Bitcoin. 

For its part, Kadena offers privacy, security and reliability and is a blockchain that is very well used by both individuals and corporations. 

Kadena is decentralized and was created by developers to be adopted en masse since it is already set up as a multi-chain.

The blockchain is scalable and can support global finance seamlessly. 

The energy efficiency of the protocol is guaranteed by the company even on a large scale, and transactions are very accurate and consistent. 

Kadena is also a kind of cryptographic hub for gas payments for those who already hold Kadena so as to ensure the retention of their investors.

Over time, the company has grown from 10 to 20 blockchains and does not rule out the possibility of this happening again if it is functional 

The latest chain to join Kadena was the small private Kuro chain that can support 8,000 transactions per second on 500 nodes. 

Kadena has held up well through 2022, unlike many other crypto companies, despite being fearful of a season of over-regulation just around the corner. 

Despite all the difficulties and market turbulence of this bear market, Kadena has shown resilience and, because of its resilience, has now attracted the attentions of many investors. 

Since the beginning of the year, the token has been performing well and seems to have proven its worth among insiders.

Kadena has everything to be a winning project and analysts are noticing this, this year when the energy sector is full of attention a sustainable company like precisely Kadena is among the most interesting crypto assets. 

The project appeals to both smaller investors and whales who are starting to come in. 

Although the road to mass adoption of the coin has only recently started, Kadena in 2023 by all accounts could be the real outsider in the crypto world after years of near anonymity. 

Its market price today is €1.11 with a volume of €11,278,580. 

Since yesterday Token has lost a little over 10% of its value.

KDA’s market capitalization is among the top 130 (exactly 127th) with €240,672,164 and a circulating volume that stands at 217,066,029 KDA.

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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