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XRP & Monero Solidify Positions – Big Eyes Coin Closing In On $21 Million In Presales


Convenience at the tip of your fingers and the palm of your hands is the formula Millennials and Gen Z strive for and thrive on. And speed, low costs, privacy, and diversification, all of which cryptocurrency offers have made it a much-preferred mode of transaction in the world of finance today. Yet, with all the information available on various portals, investors may still be wary of where to, what to, and how to invest.

While the word cryptocurrency may seem like a term of alien nature, it has expanded and grown in popularity since its introduction to the world in 2009. And needless to say, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market but only a few seem as promising as Big Eyes Coin (BIG), the new guy.

big eyes coin

Big Eyes Coin, The Cat With A Lion Heart

Never underestimate the new guy. Even when Bitcoin (BTC), the first-ever cryptocurrency, was introduced in 2009 it was barely regarded and worth not more than a single dollar. But today, it stands at the top of the crypto market with a trading volume of $22 billion. Given its success at the very outset, this is exactly where Big Eyes Coin looks to be heading. With only a few months on the crypto market, investors have scrambled to get their hands on a little Big Eyes Coin.

big eyes coin

The cat-themed meme coin began its presale in August last year and has raised $20.91 million so far, and it is still selling like gold. It is now set to be the highest recorded presale in the history of crypto, a rather impressive record to have for a newbie.

With its promotion code LAUNCHBIGEYES200, Big Eyes Coin is on its final push to expand its community as this offer would give investors a 200% bonus return on a purchase of a  token during the presale. And the scramble is real, as investors have just 3 days left till this offer runs out.

Big Eyes Coin has vowed to fight climate change by reserving 5% of the total token supply to be donated to a vast amount of ocean-saving charities. And while they are at it, they have also employed a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus that would eliminate one of the most harmful effects cryptocurrency has on the environment, crypto mining. Crypto mining is known to use heavy equipment which causes millions of tons of carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

XRP: The X Factor in Crypto

‘Fast and green’, is what XRP (XRP) defines itself as, and was built to be the most practical cryptocurrency for applications across the financial services space. Launched in 2012, Ripple enables global financial institutions, businesses, governments, and developers to move, manage and tokenize value, through blockchain technology.

XRP which currently sits at #6 in the cryptocurrency rankings, holds a value of $0.40 with a trading volume of $945 million.

Monero: The Dark Horse

Launched in 2014, Monero (XRM) is an open-source and privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that allows anonymous and untraceable transactions. Over the years, Monero has gained popularity as a cryptocurrency due to its decentralised, private, and secure concept. Monero is subject to regular protocol changes to its mining algorithm to maintain decentralisation while other features are changed every six months to avoid monopolies and cartelization.

At the time of writing, Monero was priced at $173.97 and has shown a weekly growth of 2.53%. Big eyes coin

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