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Latest news about Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP) has become a major player in helping the people of Syria and Turkey.

Ripple-Labs (XRP labs) has donated $1 million to the populations affected by the recent earthquake disaster.

Ripple: $1 million in XRP for Turkey and Syria

XRP Labs donates $1 million in XRP through NGOs to the people affected by the recent disaster in Turkey and Syria.

The news was echoed in a tweet by Watcher Guru this morning and soon went around the world.

tweet reports:

“JUST IN: Ripple donates $1 million in $XRP to support victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake.”

The philanthropic action had been announced by the same company also on Twitter in this way:

“We are committing $1M in XRP to support NGOs providing earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria – through a relief fund on @crypto4charity_ and are donating $250k USD in XRP and will also match 2:1 all crypto donations here, up to $750k USD.”

Not only did the company send money of its own volition, but it also invited its users to donate.

Ripple has pledged to double the total amount of donations its users can raise.

The additional show of heart will be donated in XRP to NGOs actively working in those places.

Not only Ripple: aid from the crypto world

The solidarity machine among crypto companies is not limited to the action of Ripple Labs.

Other companies in the crypto world have taken the lead in donations to the government, NGOs, and directly to the population.

The devastating earthquake that struck the Middle East with a 7.8 magnitude force has produced 36,000 victims to date.

The solidarity machine as it happened for the Ukrainian people was not long in coming.

NGOs receiving aid have been mainly four and they are CARE, World Central Kitchen, Mercy Corps and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Prominent among the figures who have donated resources to the disaster in Southeastern Europe is Vitalik Buterin.

The Ethereum co-founder made a donation in ETH worth $150,000.

The NGO recipient of the genius philanthropist’s donation was Ahbap four days ago.

Another donation also by Buterin had Anka Relief as its beneficiary.

The amount donated to the second NGO by the Ethereum co-founder is 50 ETH, about $75,000.

#TezQuakeAid is a fundraising campaign of the Tezos Foundation that has accumulated 50,000 XTZ.

As communicated by Tezos, the amount will again go to NGOs on the ground helping people.

Price of XRP

In between donations to the most in need and lawsuits with the SEC, XRP regains some momentum in the market.

Ripple Labs’ token, XRP, rises 4.34% from yesterday’s close to 0,36 Euro.

In the past thirty days, XRP has gained a timid 2% and is well off its high of €3.58.

Pending the landmark ruling that sees XRP in a lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission the token seems to remain relatively quiet.

A favorable ruling by Judge Torres could give new luster to XRP and the crypto world.

Many companies, as happened with Ripple, have been hampered by the stringent action of the US regulator.

Ripple’s victory would allow for a series of retaliations that would be good for the crypto world at large.

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George Michael Belardinelli
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