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SingularyNET (AGIX): new partnerships for crypto AI

SingularyNET (AGIX) and TrueAGI are partnering with F1R3FLY.io to accelerate the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and integrate Rholang, a cutting-edge programming language.

SingularyNET (AGIX) and crypto’s new partnerships to accelerate AI development

AGIX (SingularyNET) is the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) crypto of the moment, which, together with TrueAGI and F1R3FLY.io is planning to integrate Rholang, a cutting-edge programming language.

Rholang is a concurrent programming language based on the innovative mathematics of rho calculus. It offers unprecedented sophistication and efficiency, particularly in the context of multiprocessor hardware.

Rholang was first developed in the Rchain project and is now further developed by F1R3FLY.io, with SingularityNET’s OpenCog Hyperon AGI toolkit.

So SingularityNET, TrueAGI, and F1R3FLY.io bring together their expertise precisely to integrate F1R3FLY’s Rholang programming language with SingularityNET’s open-source technology that powers the ecosystem, OpenCog Hyperon AGI.

Hyperon will thus run more effectively on modern computing systems, enabling more advanced artificial intelligence development, including that of TrueAGI’s AGI-as-a-service products.

The partnership will boost the overall development of general artificial intelligence (AGI), artificial intelligence capable of completing tasks at a higher level than humans

SingularityNET (AGIX), TrueAGI, and F1R3FLY.io: who are the three AI companies?

SingularityNET is the first and only decentralized platform that enables AIs to cooperate and coordinate at scale. In essence, SingularyNET allows anyone to easily “create, share and monetize” AI services through its globally accessible marketplace.

Just through SingularityNET’s marketplace, users can browse, test and purchase a huge variety of AI services using the AGIX platform’s native utility token.

In addition, that marketplace provides an outlet that AI developers can use to publish and sell their AI tools and easily track their performance.

TrueAGI is part of the SingularityNET ecosystem and aims to create an enterprise-grade AGI-as-a-service platform. Finally, F1R3FLY.io provides high-volume, high-throughput next-generation transaction servers for blockchain and AI projects.

About the partnership, Robert Werko, COO of TrueAGI, said:

Our collaboration with F1R3FLY.io will focus on the use of rholang as a key component of a high-speed, blockchain-ready interpreter for Hyperon’s Meta-Type-Talk (MeTTa) language, a key aspect of TrueAGI’s application architecture. The core goal here is to accelerate our path to creating powerful Artificial General Intelligence systems with the Hyperon framework, and delivering these to customers across vertical markets”.

Ben Goertzel, CEO/founder of SingularityNET and TrueAGI, also commented:

Recent AI successes like ChatGPT have been driven largely by underlying software innovations enabling neural networks to effectively leverage GPUs and their multiprocessing capability. Similarly the rholang integration will allow Hyperon’s more sophisticated neural-symbolic-evolutionary AI to use multiprocessors more effectively and achieve greater scale. We’re thinking this will be a key ingredient of the tech platform we use to create the next wave of AI innovation, moving beyond powerful narrow AIs like ChatGPT toward Ai systems with more real understanding.”

AGIX: the crypto of the moment also backed by Elon Musk

SingularyNET’s AGIX seems to be riding the wave of progress and innovation, thanks in part to a few well-known names who at least support its general features.

And in fact, Elon Musk himself has reportedly expressed his interest in ChatGPT’s alternative solutions, giving a boost to the crypto-AI sector. 

Although Musk would only hint at his interest, AGIX seems to have become the leading player of the moment. 

AGIX is the token that currently most represents the micro-sector of cryptocurrencies, and thus blockchain, combined with Artificial Intelligence.

At the time of writing AGIX is worth $0.32, down 12 percent over the past seven days when it was worth $0.46. The Artificial General Intelligence crypto currently holds the 88th position, with a total market cap of just short of $390 million.

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